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Supported Windows OS for Cisco TAPI


Hello looking to find out when the matrix from the link above is going to be updated.

We are looking to find out when 2016 server will be supported as well as what OS's are supported with 11.5.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Looks like an update for this is available...will open a ticket to get this done ASAP.

For now:

     - Windows 2016 Server is supported starting with TAPI v10.5

     - 11.5 adds support for Win10-32/64 and Win2016-64 Server


When might this chart get updated with CUCM/TAPI 11.5, Windows 10, Server 2016?


What he(Aaron Fracht-Monroe) says is the same for me. We are waiting for your update and answer.

The OS support matrix should be updated shortly, in the mean time this is a snapshot of the update:

Colt Higgins
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Update as of November 12th, 2018.


Per David Staudt - "Win2016 server is not supported for CUCM 10.5 TSP. No plan to support it as 10.5.2 will be announced end of sale soon when 12.5 comes out in Jan 2018".


This contradicts the previous remarks exchanged across this thread, so I wanted to get this up to save any resulting headaches.

Thanks...unfortunately it looks like the matrix was modified to remove 10.5xWin2016 support before publication - please use the link here as the official source of truth:

Hello @dstaudt :


Are there plans to support the Call Manager TSP on Windows Server 2019? If so what versions of CUCM?

Indications seem to be (not formalized:) "release 14 & tentative timeline is late Q3 or early Q4 2020"

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