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Cisco Employee

TSP unresponsive

    Hi Team,

One of my customer is experiencing a TSP crash intermittently. Customer is using Cisco Attendant Console standard for the calls and it freezes .

ACS version :

TSP product version: 8.5

Below is the tsp log output:

09:00:28.384 HDR|06/15/2017 CiscoTSP001.tsp,Error

09:00:28.366 |   CSelsiusTSPWaveList::Init() *ERROR* Failed to get ISelsiusNTWaveCtl interface.

09:00:28.384 |   SelsiusTSP::InitializeComObjects() *ERROR* Failed m_WaveList->Init(). hr=0x80040154

09:00:28.509 |CiscoTSPSymmetricEncryption::DecryptText:enter

09:00:28.547 |CiscoTSPSymmetricEncryption::DecryptText (Exit) (Success))

09:00:28.547 |CCMSymmetricEncryption::EncryptText:enter

09:00:28.547 |CCMEncryption::EncryptText (Success)

09:00:28.547 |CCMAsymmetricEncryption::EncryptText Enter

10:07:31.290 |   CSelsiusTSPCall::CallAsyncFailureResponse() asyncResponseID=0x00000012 *ERROR* Reason for failure=0x8CCC0094 () dwRequestID=0x000102BB

16:57:07.569 |   CSelsiusTSPLink::getMessage() *ERROR* Receive() failed with error 0.

Please advise what could be the reason for the highlighted error and what all information is needed to further look into the issue.



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Cisco Employee

Re: TSP unresponsive

A few thoughts:

- CUCM 8.5 (source of TSP v8.5, I assume) is a very old release, and is out of software support.  Later versions of CUCM/TSP will have collected a great many fixes since this release.

- It is recommended to upgrade the installed TSP to match the CUCM version in use, as that combination will be the one which receives the most testing

- If the TAPI-using application is the Cisco Attendant Console product, then the best support avenue will be via your regular Cisco product support channel (i.e. TAC).  Referencing TAPI/TSP as the problem source (by no means definitive, based on the log) may throw them off a bit - just describe the problem as with CAC.

Cisco Employee

Re: TSP unresponsive

Thanks for the response David.

The versions are:

Version of console

CUCM version :

However the product version for the TSP shows 8.50.000 in the properties file. Looks like it could be the issue. Image below:TSP.png

Cisco Employee

Re: TSP unresponsive

You can check the version of the actual TSP driver installed under Phone and Modem settings (see screenshot).

If indeed an 8.x version is running, then I would suggest upgrading by downloading the TSP installer from your CUCM (admin web ui, under Applications menu).

Again, as this is all in service of the Cisco console product, would advise taking guidance/support from the regular Cisco support channel.

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