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I'm trying to develop a solution for collecting, through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and sending user information (Code Identifier + Token) to a Two-Factor Authentication (Active Directory [AD] Integration + Identity Provider [IdP] + Single Sign On [SSO]).

What I need to do is collect Code Identifier + Token, via IVR, send to the Customer Solution and wait for the response.

Is it possible to do this using Unified Contact Center eXpress (UCCX) with Java Telephony API (JTAPI), REST API?

Would anyone have any examples or guidance?

Thank you.

Luciane de Medeiros

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Hello everyone,

The scenario is the following so that you understand better.

The user will call a number (DN) and will be served by the IVR.

The user will type:

1) Your ID.

2) A token.

I intend to collect this, via Get Digit String + #, creating variables to receive the two values (ID and token).

I have two options to send to the Customer User Management Solution:

1) I create a .txt and send it to the client repository. (I think this can be done via Make REST Call.)

2) I send the values that I received directly to the solution (without being via .txt). (I think this can be done via Make REST Call as well.)

As an answer I might have: (And I would create a prompt for those answers.)

- Account has been unlocked.

- Inactive account. Contact Support.

- Your account is not locked.

- Incorrect ID or token. Type again.

The idea of how to do it even I have. I wondered if it worked, but I think so.

My biggest difficulty is communicating with the client's solution, either to send the .txt, or to send the inputs and wait for the responses to apply the prompts.

If you have any tips ...

Thank you!

Does your IDP / SSO system have a REST API you can access?  You're heading down the right path in terms of the UCCX Script you could create, where you capture the ID and token code and then use the inbuilt UCCX SCript REST client to access the IDP API, but your difficulties will primarily be with the IDP side and exact API calls.

Do you have any API Docs for the third party system?  Wasn't sure from your email if things were AD / SSO or another system sat upon AD.

Hi Nathan,

The client reported that it's not possible (API REST) because there is no IIS on the repository server, and it's not allowed to enable this function on it.

Would I have an alternative?

Thank you so much for your feedback.