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UDS Cannot access XML response with IE11



I have a HTML5 with Javascript where I query CUCM UDS API to collect users.

In JS I use XMLHttpRequest and I collect the answer with responseXML.

It works with Firefox, but not with IE11.

On IE the responseXML returns the XML but on some fields says Permission Denied, then my values are shown as "Undefined".

I attach a short Word doc, where I took some shots and add the console logs, comparing the browsers behavior.

Any hints how can I put this to work with IE?


  • The webpage is on a Tomcat webserver.
  • I use HTTP or HTTPS on the webserver and the result is the same.
  • The webserver has a CA signed certificate.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

My suspicion would be that you may be experiencing an issue due to CORS configuration or the CUCM's self-signed certificate:

- Check the 'Cross-Origin Resource Sharing' configuration on CUCM to ensure that your web application has been configured for access.  All aspects of the origin must match, including HTTP vs HTTPS, host name, and port

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 12-39-08.png

- The xmlHttpRequest may also be failing if the CUCM has a self-signed certificate, and that certificate has not been imported into whatever cert-store IE11 uses for validation.  Typically this is less visible in FF, as you can easily manually add an exception for the CUCM cert early in testing (e.g. while accessing the CUCM admin pages) which masks the problem.  Perhaps you can ensure you can access the CUCM admin page (which should require accepting/importing the cert) before testing the xmlHttpRequest

If neither of these topics helps, you might try viewing the request/response details (esp. CORS-related headers) in the browser's developer tools 'Networking' tab, or possibly a request-monitoring tool like Fiddler.

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