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It is not acceptable why Cisco removed Syslog logging option. when we upgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 or higher. we have syslog forwarding enabled to send all logs to SIEM solution which broken after the upgrade. :( . look like we have to again upgraded ...

I understand call recording can fails because of a lack of resources but has anyone explained why the phone is then placing the call on hold?  The call recording is a secondary function of the call, if call recording fails you should not get a messag...

Hello Community We have multicast streams between the FW cluster (layer 3) and the N7706 (two Nodes), because of the BUG we Implemented an non redundant work ork arround (GRE Tunnel).   ::::: Topolgy :::::   N7706  ----------  N7706     |            ...