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CSCvf24186 - C2960X- switch failed to boot with IOS version 152-2.E5 and 15.2(4)E4



Doesn't anyone know if the version 15.2.4E6 fixe this problem ?

Is it Worth to install an ED version like 12.2.6 ?


Thanks for advise.



I've had the same problem on 2960x with IOS 15.2(4)E3. I don't understand all these versions are still on the download site ?


When I was testing the failed release, I did a test with a 15.2.5 image, and the switch booted OK with that version, but I can't remember which one it was.


I would test it in LAB first if possible :-)


Leo L
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Please be cautious when reading Bug IDs: Bug IDs are rarely/seldom updated. Because of that, it is also rarely correct, particularly the Known Affected Versions &/or Known Fixed Versions.
The only thing that gets "updated" is that little counter on the bottom that points to the number of Support Cases that are "blamed" on this Bug ID.
Best to just raise a TAC Case so TAC can formally provide the latest update taken from internal sources.
Will Pettit



I hit this bug upgrading from 15.2.2.E7 to 15.2.4.E8. We've successfully upgraded approx 12 switches straight to E8, but we have another 90 to do. Might go to E6 as an Interim step and see if we get any more failures.


I've tried booting from USB to 15.2.4.E6 but it does the same. 

Mine just does this, and then does nothing but have the fans on full blast


extracting ucode_info (76 bytes)
front_end/ (directory)
extracting front_end/fe_type_9 (81125 bytes)
extracting front_end/front_end_ucode_info (43 bytes)

Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: Installed 1 image(s) in cache:

Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: found microcode images for 1 devices.
Image for front-end 0: flash:/front_end_ucode_cache/ucode.0

Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: Preparing to program device microcode...
Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: Preparing to program device[0]...28824 bytes.
Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: Programming device 0...rrrrrrwssssssss
% Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: address 0, PROGRAM failed

% Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: unable to program device: 0
% Front-end Microcode IMG MGR: malformed microcode cache
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