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Internal error : Failed to get access key from CBD


I couldn't find this anywhere on the forum already; if I missed it please post the link. 


I just attempted to install a CBD Probe out at a location and received the error in the title. I know that this isn't an SSL thing because the Cisco Business Dashboard still has a valid SSL cert. The cert is a certbot cert. I've deployed a probe before at another location and everything worked fine. The probe was able to connect to the remote dashboard with no issue. I figured the same thing would happen this time, except it didn't. I bring that up because I don't image there is any need for creating special port forwarding rules or anything like that on the public side for the probe. I figure everything that needs to be open on the dashboard is open and thus the probe should be able to make its outbound requests with no issue. 



Cisco Business Dashboard Probe


Cisco Business Dashboard


If anyone has any idea what I can do to check please let me know. I don't know what other information is necessary, please let me know so that I can retrieve that for you too. 

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That's definitely not expected behaviour.  Can you try again, and then capture logs from both the dashboard and probe.  On the dashboard, navigate to System > Log Settings and click the button to download the log files.  On the probe, go to Troubleshooting > Network Show Tech and click the button to download a show tech file.  Then PM both of those files to me, or else log a support case and give the two files to the engineer.  To log a case, call the local phone number listed at




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