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Cisco Anyconnect on AMI CSR 1000v


We've setup 2 Cisco CSR 1000v AMI routers with the security package within our VPC. ( subscription license)  We would like to have VPN remote access to this VPC using the CSR 1000v routers so our end users can connect to this VPC from any internet connection. We've been told that these routers support the Cisco SSL Anyconnect to accomplish this. But we have been unsuccessful trying to figure out what if any licensing we would need to acquire and apply to these CSR routers to accomplish this. We've contacted Cisco and it seems that anything to do with the Anyconnect is always associated with the ASA security appliances. They even gave us a part number for a 25 user client license that we ordered only to find out it was for the ASA security appliance and we were unable to associate it to the CSR device.

Can anybody provide any guidance on how to accomplish this. What license is needed if any. How to acquire the Anyconnect client software. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Mike

PS   this is the document we have seen to accomplish this, but again, can't figure out licensing or how to get software.

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Hi Mike,

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble purchasing the right license.

From the CSR perspective the SEC or AX licenses will provide the ability to use the AnyConnnect client to connect to the CSR.  

In order to deploy the AnyConnect clients you will need client licenses.  You would likely need the Anyconnect Plus license. Please refer to the following ordering guide for details on the Anyconnect licenses that you can choose from.

If you have a direct relationship with Cisco you can contact your account manager for purchasing.  If you do not have a Cisco account manager you can use this link to find a partner/reseller:

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Matthew Packer
Product Manager – CSR 1000v

Thanks Matt,

is there a specific service or Smartnet contract associated with the SSL client license (we did purchase 25 SSL user license) or CSR1000v router. I'm assuming without this type of service contract we will be unable to log into Cisco and download the SSL Anyconnect software for the users workstations?

Please contact us at with your order details and we will be glad to help answer your question.

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