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DNAC Error Messages When Upgrading


Hey all,


I attempted to upgrade from to and the operation in the GUI times out and reverts back to the dashboard after a few minutes. Maglev reports this error message when I attempt to do anything in CLI.


ERROR:requests.packages.urllib3.connection:Certificate did not match expected hostname: kong-frontend.maglev-system.svc.cluster.local. Certificate: {'subjectAltName': (('DNS', 'localhost'), ('IP Address', '10.80.xx.xx'), ('IP Address', '10.78.xx.xx'), ('IP Address', '10.78.xx.xx'), ('IP Address', '10.80.xx.xx')), 'notBefore': u'Mar 19 03:17:48 2020 GMT',


this error repeats about 4 times before returning me to a $ prompt. I can't run any maglev commands without seeing this error message and none of the relevant data ever displays. I have a case open with TAC, but wanted to hit the forums up in case anyone had any advice for me.


Thanks in advance!

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Glad to know you are working with TAC on this. I have yet to run into this one considering I have encountered several issues while upgrading our DNAC cluster over the last couple of years. Here are some things that may assist you with debugging:
$ sudo maglev system_updater update_info --Shows status of upgrade via cli
$magctl service logs -rf system-updater --Tail logs during upgrade to monitor status
$magctl service logs -r system-updater > system_updater.log --Identify which host failed installing host components
$sudo journalctl -u maglev-node-updater -f --Tail updater log in real time
If you attempt to run it again I suggest opening two putty sessions. One to run it, then a second to tail logs to see if anything else pops out to you and/or TAC. Also, ask TAC for the DNAC pre-upgrade checklist to ensure your node/nodes are healthy and ready for a successfully upgrade. Good luck & HTH!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It sounds like you may be hitting It would be best to open a TAC case and confirm.

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