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DNA Center first time setup questions


I'm trying to configure my first DNA Center, but have questions?

Why on earth do I have to configure a cluster configuration when I have only one node?

And why is it the cluster address that shows up in DNA Center GUI? Shouldn't it be the management address for example?
With only one node, can't I put the cluster configuration one of the management interfaces (eno1 or enp94s0f0)?


And there are 2 adresses for management, one for actual management (eno1), and one that communicates with the network (enp94s0f0) Fair enough. But I'm allowed to set only one gateway. So If i set the gateway on the management port (eno1), how is the other management port supposed to communicate with the network?


Thank you.


Hi there, 


Basically you can run the Appliance with just two links - the enp9s0, which is the right side 10G port and the M aka CIMC Port. This way you just habe to male sure that you have Set up your routing properly because you will reach the GUI and your soon to be managed network through your enp9s0. 


I would recommend using the enp0s0 (left 10G Port) as Cluster link with no gateway Set in a isolated VLAN and the two Interfaces i managed before. 


DNA allows during installation n only one gateway to be set, which means you habe to ise the static route for All other Interfaces Ku are configuring during the setup process. 



To add to @AndiBuchmann157 comments:

As of DNAC 1.2.5 you must configure a VIP

Yes.. I am running 1.2.10 in all deployments. During setup you have to assign a VIP During setup for each physical Adapter you assigned an IP.. So if you use enp9s0 and enp10s0 you have to assign two VIPs.. 


we just ran into the same yesterday, when setup and installing Cisco DNA center for the first time.


we configred eno1 with default gateway, because  we want this IP to communicate with our proxy.


we used the left 10Gb SFP enp94s0f0/enp69s0f0 (step 3 in maglev) to communicate with the management vlan of the network devices and set a static route only for this IP range


just marked the interface enp94s0f1/enp69s0f1 as cluster port, as suggested and set an IP, for the master node / standalone


"Perform the following steps to configure the first installed appliance as the master node. You must always configure the first appliance as the master node, whether it will operate standalone or as part of a cluster. "



I deconfigured the GUI Port interface on a cluster last week (costed me a whole day including a node reimageing). This port is optional, but not marked as optional in some documentation (found both wordings). Best go with the setup explained above - use 1 10GE Port as Cluster Link (can't be changed later and configuring an IP does not hurt) and use the 2nd 10GE port for connection to network (Enterprise + GUI port). Using this setup, there is no need for any static router etc.


Good luck!

Cisco Employee

Hello Dal,

* it depends on you , the best practice suggested by cisco is cluster deployment that can help you for future expansion

*Cluster IP is VIP of all 3 nodes in cluster . Management IP is used when cluster is inaccessible

*Please make sure you have to set the gateway on management port which is used t o communicate to network and have a plan for cluster always since cluster ip is to access dnac gui , if you want you can put it in management interfaces

• 10Gbit port [enp9s0] - Enterprise Network • 10Gbit port [enp10s0] - Intra Cluster Link • 1Gbit port [enp1s0f0] - Management (optional *) • 1Gbit port [enp1s0f1] - Cloud Update Connectivity (optional *) • CIMC – Management of the DNAC Appliance hardware (recommended) • Cluster Virtual IP Address – Used to connect to the Enterprise Network • This IP Address should be taken from the Enterprise Network subnet • The Cluster Virtual IP must not be same as any of the node IP address (because it floats around the live nodes)
Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee

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