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Is it possible to upload custom images like a 24 port iosvl2/3 switch? I am hoping to create a network as close to my work as possible.  We currently use 3850s running 16.x.x.  Is there a way to convert those .bin files to a qcow2 format?


Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am totally new to the VIRL/CML scene and never really used GNS3 either.



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Go to David Bombal's YouTube Channel. He shows how to import third party images into CML. This video is showing adding a Windows 10 machine. I would just follow this procedure when adding any other custom image. I did a P2V of my Windows 10 Pro desktop. I can now use it in my CML labs.

Martin L


No, I dont think so; in terms of Cisco devices you are limited to whatever they have.  I have not checked latest VRIL or CML yet (will have access later) but for switching they have used very buggy IOS version 15.x Most people took that image and use it with GNS3 or Eve-ng (best).  

you can try CML via DevNet sandbox thing (which is down for now), 

as far as i know there is no product right now that can emulate switch IOS or XE version 16.

you can ask or research CML forum on CLN

other info!introduction/cisco-modeling-labs


list of supported Images!faq-cisco-modeling-labs-v2-0/reference-platform-and-images-questions



Regards, ML
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you can try CML now via

Hey Sandbox Users! The Sandbox will be undergoing system maintenance and will be unavailable between 15 May 2020 01:00 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time and 15 May 2020 07:00 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time. We apologize for the inconvenience

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It's not a dumb question. Its an amazing question! I have the same problem and so far nobody could help...
It's again shaming that cisco could not provide a good guide on how to do it on CML 2 Personal especially that the CML 2 is supporting upload cisco images. But how I can do it is a big mystery!
I spend hours on the internet to find the answer but unfortunately, I could not...I am totally out of this crap...