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System job failed in cisco prime infrstructure


Hi All,


I have upgraded Cisco prime infrastructure 3.1 to 3.3. However , I am getting below error after that.


Kindly assist me and help please.

1.Switch Operational Status:This job has not started at scheduled time.

2.APIC-EM Site Sync (Job to mirror Sites and devices information from APIC to the Supporting PI Instance):This job failed for three consecutive times.


Current NCS status:


Health Monitor Server is running. ( [Role] Primary [State] HA not Configured )
Database server is running
FTP Service is running
TFTP Service is running
Matlab Server is running
Matlab Server Instance 1 is running
NMS Server is running.
SAM Daemon is running ...
DA Daemon is running ...


Before upgrade NCS status :


Health Monitor Server is running. ( [Role] Primary [State] HA not Configured )
Database server is running
Plug and Play Gateway is running
FTP Service is running
TFTP Service is running
Matlab Server is running
Matlab Server Instance 1 is running
NMS Server is running.
SAM Daemon is running ...
DA Daemon is running ...

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Flavio Miranda
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Did you try "application NCS stop" and

"application NCS star" ?



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Thanks for your reply .

I did only ncs stop and ncs start.

There is no cammnd like you mentioned.


xyz0007/admin# application ?
install Install An Application Bundle
remove Uninstall An Application
reset-config Reset application configuration to factory defaults
start Start an Application
stop Stop an Application
upgrade Upgrade An Application Bundle

xyz0007/admin# application st
start stop
xyz0007/admin# application start ?
<WORD> Application name to be started (Max Size - 255)

xyz0007/admin# application start


Hi Nitesh_123@,


I experience exactly same issues after upgrade at our site, did you find a solution to this?







Same here. Also upgraded from 3.1.5 to 3.3 patch 1. I also saw that when I added a floor plan under New Maps, it showed up on the old Maps. The new Map location is a blank page when I look at the floors. Up to building level Maps is fine. 






What I did.

I went under Administration>Dash Board>Job Dashboard>APIC-EM Integration

I suspended the APIC-EM Site Sync.

Then cleared my system alarm.

Note: I don't have a APIC-EM device.

Alarm cleared now as you can't sync to a device that doesn't exist.


As of now no solution , i hv.

What is meaning by suspending it.

Even , no configuration back happening as well.

One more issue i am getting now .


Collection failure for inventory.

I am in the same situation as well. I have brand new out of the box appliance upgraded to 3.4 with no configuration done (other than hostname / IP address etc) and I see 2 to 3 Major alarms around APIC-EM Sync service failing (which I paused / suspended reading this discussion) and then Post PNP image upgrade not starting at scheduled time (for Mobility Express Wireless, and we don't need wireless monitoring or provisioning, but I cannot find where to suspend this). Also I got the alarm around service failing for "Learn Unified AP reachability" which again I was able to disable under administration / system settings / Network Devices section.


And now, I am getting Ticket granting refurbisher, job not starting, as well as BASELINE_HOURLY not running, all without any configuration done yet. All of these are under System Category detected by system Monitor.



So far, I have done following and let us hope this will get rid of these unwanted alarms:

1. Administration / Dashboards / Job Dashboard. Go under System Jobs, APIC-EM Integration, selected the APIC-EM Site sync, and then clicked on pause series to suspend the schedule.  Did a application service NCS stop and start and this service remains suspended.

2. At the same place, under system Jobs, Infrastructure, selected last service of Post PNP image upgrade and paused / suspended the service.

3. Administration / System settings / Network and Devices, Unified AP reachability and chose to disable it.

Need to wait to see if any more services fire up alarms.


While I don't see any new alarms, but I was thinking that it is possible that the default system jobs were failing as many of them are running at the same time. And I found that the web login is slow, so I came across this thread. I dont seen to have any such issues, as it is a Cisco UCS220M appliance and under System Monitoring dashboard, I see CPU of 2% and memory less than 20%.

With NCS still running, testing IOPS to the local RAID10 disks comes out to 215MB/sec and if I shutdown NCS service, it must be higher. So there are no bottlenecks anywhere, but web interface is slow.

Towards the end of the post, someone talks about missing indexes, not sure what needs to be done to a brand new one with default DB tables and no new device added / discovered.



Hi, Running PI 3.7.1 I still have the same issues. The bug CSCvr05537 is related to our issue (descr: "Jobs are not moving to running state after restore 3.5,3.4 backup over 3.7 in a specific scenario"). This bug is solved in PI 3.7.1 of PI 3.8. 

After installing this bug it seems to solve some of the jobs, but not the system related jobs, like the EPIC-EM job "APIC-EM Site Sync".

I also have 3 jobs related to EoX and PSIRT which are failing: "EOX Summary", "PSIRT Summary" and "PSIRT Detailed" job, this resides under report jobs, but I cannot find it under my scheduled reports.

Did you found any similarities?

Kind regards,


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