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Proximity uses when codec is installed in remote location with DSP integration

Hello Community,


I was having trouble locating literature about the physical location or best practice for location of unit with respect to use of proximity.


We have the physical unit in an adjacent IDF and use DSP with ceiling speakers to get the audio to and from the codec.  We checked levels through the onboard Cisco sound test.  When we turn on proximity we get errors about quality of ultrasonic signal.  


Will proximity work when the codec is not in the room that the users will be in?


thank you for your help.



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Re: Proximity uses when codec is installed in remote location with DSP integration

Sorry for the late reply here. The SX10 is the only codec that has a built-in ultrasound speaker, so all other codes should be workable in this scenario. If you see diagnostics about ultrasound quality, it's likely that either the microphone, speaker or DSP is filtering ultrasound, (or, by design or accident, doesn't respond in that frequency range).


If you're unable to pair with the DSP/speaker you are currently using, you could try to connect other speakers to see if the speakers or the DSP are the problem. If the DSP is configurable, try removing any filters/configuration that might remove ultrasound.


Webex plus kit installation location for best seamless use of proximity

Hello Community,

Was curious if anyone had deployed the room kit codec in an adjacent room or IDF for integration into existing systems.  We are using a DSP, speakers and microphones to get mics in and outputs to speakers in the adjacent conference space.  


Will proximity work if the codec is not in the room? Most commercial amps cannot output ultrasonic frequencies but this has been reported to work using 3rd party equipment.  


Does anyone have experience deploying the kit in this manner and using proximity.  

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