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embedding webex meeting into an specific site

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Level 1

Can i embed fully a webex meeting into an specific site? I have been reading the documentation but I am not sure If I can host a webex meeting in my website. Previous steps to hosting a meeting ie creating meetings, creating users, registering attendees for example i know it can be integrated through the XML API but i can not find any reference for actually hosting webex meeting a meeting on my website

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


     The WebEx meeting client is a separate desktop application that cannot be contained within a website.

Thanks Nathan, so that means i can integrate everything but the actual webconference and the only option i have is to runn a conference using cisco webex meeting client application?

one more question, who owns the content generated on the webex conference? is it cisco or users of the webex meeting such us.?


     You do understand the limitation on running the meeting client within the webpage. You may be able to do some sort of web based OS virtualization and install/launch WebEx from there, but I would expect that to be really resource intensive and unsupported.

     I am not familiar with any special licensing for content ownership. I would think that the content sharer is the content owner, but it would be best to discuss this with a sales representative.

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