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inconsistent result RISService70 selectCmDevice


I am using the following query


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:soap="">
<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->


I am getting either <ns1:TotalDevicesFound>400</ns1:TotalDevicesFound>  or <ns1:TotalDevicesFound>700</ns1:TotalDevicesFound>. Sometimes 400 and sometimes 700.


I have 4 x subscribers: cucm01, cucm02, cucm03 and cucm04. After a closer look, I found when there is no registered phones/entries from cucm04, the totalDevicesFound is 400. And when there is registered phones/entries from cucm04, the totalDevicesFound is 700. phones/entries from cucm01, cucm02 and cucm03 are consistent. RTMT shows phones registered with cucm04.


I suspect something is wrong with cucm04, But I don't know where to check/verify. Can someone help?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Sounds like some sort of intermittent connection issue between CUCM nodes or possibly some problem within the Risport SOAP service.  Possibly restarting some services on the problematic node, restarting the node entirely, and/or restarting the cluster could resolve.  If the problem is intermittent but reproducible, might be worth opening a ticket with DevNet, so see if we can capture the issue with some detailed logs to get input from engineering:

Thanks dstaudt for your assistance,


In terms of restarting services on the problematic node, can you please suggest what service(s)?

Regarding opening a ticket with DevNet, do I need to pay for it? If so what's the price?


Thanks again,


Without understanding the root cause, restarting services is a crap-shoot, but possibly (in order of intuited likelihood:)

  • Cisco RIS Data Collector
  • SOAP -Real-Time Service APIs
  • Cisco CallManager Serviceability
  • Cisco CallManager
  • (node reboot)
  • (cluster reboot)

Currently opening a DevNet Developer Support ticket is not charged (follow the tiny 'contact us' link), however that may change at some point.

Many thanks!

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