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Webex XML API not working as expected


I've been trying to do some operations with Webex XML API and some of the APIs in the general session service are not working as expected.


I am trying to use this API to get the conference details of a particular confid (confid obtained using LstRecording). I keep getting no record found(exception id 15). I've tried fetching all the sessions belonging to my webexid and I get only 2 sessions as response, both of which I have only scheduled and not attended. To verify, I scheduled another session(meeting) for a later time and made a LstsummarySession call. I get the newly scheduled session. After I started and terminated the newly scheduled session, I made the LstsummarySession call again. This time the newly scheduled session is gone. Is this expected behaviour? From the response XML structure, I see that confID is a required element. So that means the API is only supposed to return sessions which are either over or in progress right?


I have set the description of a recording through the webex site and am trying to get the changed description through the API.In LstRecording response, I do not see the desription element even though it is a required element.I tried getRecordingInfo and with this API I only get the name of the recording(ep:topic).


I am trying to use this API to set the description of a recording. After making the API call with the recording id and the new description I want to set, I get the SUCCESS in the response along with the recordingID; But I do not see the change being reflected in the webex site.

But if I use the getReocrding/LstRecording API, I see the set description. So changes to description through the webex site seems to be limited to the website and changes through the API seems limited to the API responses.

Could someone please help me with the above mentioned APIs?

In summary, I would like LstsummarySession to give me the session details of already finished sessions(meetings in my case) by their confid, and, I would like to set and get the description of recordings where what is displayed on the website and what is obtained through the APIs are consistent with each other.

Thank You

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     NBR GUI listing is service recording only. XML API defaults to non service recording (raw recording with no edited metadata/custom playback parameters). For getRecordingInfo/setRecordingInfo/delRecording, you should set isServiceRecording to TRUE to interact with GUI recording list, and set serviceType for lstRecording if attempting to get GUI list.

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Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Vljay,

LstsummarySession supports returning sessions that the host is invited  to, this would be recommended over Lstsummarymeeting.  LstMeetingAttendee returns the list of invited attendees for a session  as it's main purpose, invited attendees are also returned via  GetMeeting, along with a lot of other information that makes this  command more inefficient than LstMeetingAttendee to retrieve attendee list.

Refernce - Re: cannot retrieve participants via SessionService

and  WebEx Meeting additional information

Thanks and Regards,


Hi, my use case is to use the LstRecording api to get the list of recordings and link the recording to the session. What I had thought initially was to use the "confID" value that I get in LstRecording response, as input to the LstsummarySession and link the recording to the corresponding session. But I don't think the confid in LstRecording is the same as the confid in LstsummarySession( section 4.18 of XML API documentation). Could you please tell me the recommended way of doing it, if it possible?


     Note that LstsummarySession will only return sessions that are still scheduled to occur. WebEx will typically delete a session from the schedule once it has completed, this is a per meeting configurable option when scheduling. Conf ID is assigned to a running session at start time, and is unique per meeting occurrence.

     If you are trying to retrieve usage data, you will want to use a History service command, such as LstmeetingusageHistory for Meeting Center session usage details, or LstmeetingattendeeHistory for Meeting Center attendee details. Training Center and Event Center also have their own commands for session details and attendee details, as described in the XML API reference guide.

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back.

I have noticed that LstRecording API returns different recordings under different circumstances.

All my recordings are of meeting center.

Keeping every other parameter like host id and list control constant, the API returns 2 results depending on if filter by service is there or not. If I give "MeetingCenter" in service type, it returns the list of recordings as seen through the webex website.

Let me call the 2 views as API view and GUI view. API view is when I dont filter by service type and GUI view is when I filter by service type.

The recording ids in both the view do not match each other. Not a single one matches.

Further API calls such as DelRecording work with the recording ids from API view. GUI view recording ids dont work with other API calls.

The GUI view returns even recordings deleted using NBR Delete API. API view does not return these recordings.

If a meeting has several recordings under it, the API view correctly gives the recording create time of all of them.

The GUI view has the same recording create start time for all the recordings in that meeting. And this time seems to be the time the entries rather than when recordings were created as this time is usually later than the actual recording create time.

With returnSessionDetail set to true, the API view correctly returns the session key and GUI view does not.

The description set through GUI do not appear in API view. Similarly, the description set through setRecordingInfo do not appear in the website GUI.But subsequent LstRecording in API view get the description set through setRecording.

So it appears like the two are stored and handled separately. I do not see this behaviour documented.

Could you please help me make my changes made through API reflect on the website and vice versa?

Thank you,

Vijay Teja


     NBR GUI listing is service recording only. XML API defaults to non service recording (raw recording with no edited metadata/custom playback parameters). For getRecordingInfo/setRecordingInfo/delRecording, you should set isServiceRecording to TRUE to interact with GUI recording list, and set serviceType for lstRecording if attempting to get GUI list.

Thank you for your response.

Is the setRecordingInfo also currently limited to only training session service type? I have tried to set recording info for a meeting center recording, and it says "Only Training Session recording is supported since 5.8.0". Is there a possible way to modify meeting center recordings' desc through API?

Thank you,

Vijay Teja

I've never actually used the command myself and was unaware of any changes to the usage of it. Ideally, it would support setting recording info for any session recording that also supports setting it via the GUI. Was there a change to service recordings that no longer allow meeting or event recordings to update info?

Hi Vijay,

Just wanted to let you know a feature request was submitted for this. No guarantee that it will be implemented or when, but it has been officially requested.


Thank you Nathan and Kasey

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