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Cisco Cloud Web Security replacement recommendations

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We've been using Cisco CWS for internet filtering for quite a long time...long before Cisco took it over and it was still McAfee ScanSafe. In the past few months, it has gotten less and less reliable. We have times when the tower we're on is very spotty, causes lookup problems, page errors and slow web page loads. Up until the past 3 months, it was actually fairly solid. But with the recent problems, we're looking at other options.

We currently have it setup using the proxy.pac method, which for now is the best/easiest way for us to use it. We have a very distributed network, with over 30 physical locations with their own internet connections ranging from fiber to cable/DSL. We like the hosted filtering system because of this network layout. Having an appliance at our home office may work, but isn't really how we want it setup.

So I'm looking for recommendations on alternatives. A cloud/hosted solution is preferred, but I'm open to anything. We also have McAfee on the desktops for endpoint protection. Perhaps something that combines endpoint and web filtering? All options are on the table. We're largely a Windows shop, with some Macs and quite a few iPads.

Thanks for any input!

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Cisco Umbrella is the replacement for CWS. It is a cloud based solution, you can optionally run a security module on your endpoints to provide off-site protection aswell.




Cisco Umbrella also unifies firewall, secure web gateway, DNS-layer security, cloud access security broker (CASB), and threat intelligence solutions into a single platform cybersecurity tool. This is the best internet filtering solution so far which meets Security Operations Center (SOC) compliance standards.