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Cisco Umbrella questions

I have a few questions which I mentioned below


  1. We have customer KFSD Kuwait and currently, they are using a trial account with Account ID 2557300. They have already purchased the solution and subscription would start from August 15. The question is is the subscription is going to start on the same account ID or it’s going to be another account. If the same account then no issue if another account then how to activate the subscription on the same account.
  2. I have 2 VM and 1 VM got an update to the latest 2.8.3 and anther is on v2.7.10 and it’s updating for the last 2 days and not coming on the latest version. Is this normal to take a few days to update or something wrong, how to verify.
  3. I want to integrate AD to the umbrella for users' details. Do I need to install the Active Directory Connector on AD or any other system I can install and the same with Windows Configuration script for Domain Controller?
  4. Why I’m still getting Firewall outside interface IP in the logs instead of real client IP?

I have attached screenshots as well.

VIP Advisor

Hi @deepakskankarwal1 
1. Not sure, I assume it would be a separate Account unless you requested the trial account was upgraded when your customer purchased the license. I'd recommend contacting support email:- or open a support ticket
2. That's a pretty old version, can it even contact the internet to perform an upgrade? Have you tried forcing the upgrade? 

3. You can install the connector on an AD Domain Controller or a separate Member Server.

4. Are you windows clients pointing to the VA's to resolve all DNS requests? The VA's would forward internal requests to your internal DNS servers. Have you defined the internal subnets as Internal Networks in the Umbrella Dashboard.




Hi Rob,


Thanks for the update.


For point 1 I have opened a case with cisco.

2. How to force upgrade? 

3. I will install the AD connector on another free server and the script on the same server.

4. Yes all the nodes are pointing to VM and vm is sending dns requests to the DNS server. Also, I have defined all the internal subnets on Umbrella as internal Network.