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300 CUWL Pro Licenses - How Many CWMS Conversations?


We have purchased 300 CUWL Pro licenses, what does this translate to in terms of the number of Webex Conversation participants/initators?

I heard something like 1 Webex session per 10 CUWL Pro, so does that mean a max of 30 participants in our environment or a max of 30 sessions?

Cisco Employee

Hi David,

The example you mentioned is applicable for WebEx in the Cloud. As for CWMS, there is no conversion. 1 CUWL Pro license = 1 CWMS host license. Hence, in your case, you can have 300 hosts on your CWMS system. In a partner guide (not sure if you have access to this:, you can find the following:

"Cisco WebEx Meetings Server is offered in a per - user model. Customers selecting this option will receive one perpetual user license for each UWL Professional license."

I hope this helps.


Thanks Dejan,

Just to clarify does this mean that we can have 300 Webex participants or 300 Webex initators?

Do participants use a license?

Hi David,

Number of participants is defined by the size of your deployment and not the licenses. Here is the snippet from the licensing document:

"This product features user-based licensing which  requires that you  purchase a license for each user that intends to host  meetings. We  count licenses as follows:

  • If  a user hosts at least one meeting per 30-day window, then  that user  consumes one license. If this user hosts additional meetings in this   same 30-day window, the user still only consumes one license, unless  this user hosts simultaneous meetings.
  • If  a user hosts simultaneous meetings (at the same date and time), then  the system counts an additional license for each simultaneous meeting  hosted by this user in the 30-day window.
  • If a user hosts no meetings in the 30-day window, then this user consumes no licenses."

You can find more information here:

As for number of participants and the capacities in general, take a look at this section in the planning guide:

Let me know of any additional questions you might have.


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