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A-SPK or A-WX ?

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Hello, I hope someone can guide me through this, because it is getting confusing. I recently received a requirement from a customer for a videoconference solution with special focus on B2B communication. The first thing that pop up in to my mind was Webex MC + CMR, for its ease of use and the integration with Communications Manager and Telepresence Room Systems, so I quoted accordingly. However, the customer was engaged by a different partner and it was told that Spark was the way to go, I was surprised so see how much cheaper the other partner quote was and even more because it seems to include all the components required to do what the customer needs. So I went to CCW and tried to configure a Spark project. From what I can see, there's two ways of quoting spark, A-SPK and A-WX, using the A-WX SKU to include all the required components (CMR, International Toll Audio, Webex MC) resulted in a fairly similar quote to my original standard Webex MC + CMR. But using the A-SPK resulted in almost a third of the price, so obviously, either Cisco is trying desperately to push this way of selling Spark + Webex or I'm missing something.

Can someone clarify, differences and caveats of each option ?

Cheap way:   

A-SPK-NAMED-USERSpark Named User
A-SPK-NU-M3Business Messaging and Advanced Meetings
A-SPK-NU-TNU+IToll Named Users Plus International
A-SPK-NU-MC-XIncluded WebEx Meeting Center
A-SPK-NU-M1-XIncluded Business Messaging
A-SPK-NU-M2-XIncluded Basic Meetings
A-SPK-NU-WXSTG-XIncluded WebEx Storage
A-SPK-NU-RMSTG-XIncluded Spark  Storage
A-SPK-NU-CMR-25-XIncluded Collaboration Meeting Rooms (Cloud) Named User

Included  VoIP

  Expensive way:


A-WX-NAMED-USERSpark Named User (with WebEx)
A-WX-NU-MTGS-25Named User Spark Meet  (with Meeting Center 25)
A-WX-NU-MTGS-OVRNamed User Meeting Center Attendee Overage
A-WX-NU-CMR-25Named User Collaboration Meeting Rooms Capacity 25
A-WX-STORAGE-INCIncluded Storage
A-WX-STORAGE-OVREnable Storage Overage
A-WX-NU-TNU+IToll Users Named Users Plus International
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Yes the A-SPK SKU is a simple easy to use SKU for named user configuration. The MC under A-SPK is cheaper than A-WX. If a customer can fit in the model A-SPK, doesnt need the flexibility of A-WX like quoting centers separately, larger attendee limits like 1000, more choices for audio like committed, then A-SPK can do the job. Over time there will be more options coming to A-SPK and the lines will continue to blur between the SKU

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Level 4

Most partners are confused as well.  Please keep in mind A-WX and A-SPK have very different discounting methods and options. 

I would say check out one of my posts for the price differentials and skim through the thread to find out what the best solution is for the customer.

Re: New Cisco WebEx Audio Offers Available

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Thanks Guys.

Now, If I understand correctly, both options will get the user exactly the same products and experience, it is just a matter of the "flexibility" when combining with different audio models and/or centres. So to recap, it does not make sense for MC and NU model to use the A-WX SKU ever, and the collaboration meeting room experience will be exactly the same as in essence it is the same product.

Best Regards.

In addition if you don't want more than 200 participants in a MC meeting or care about Jabber in WebEx Messenger mode then A-SPK gives you that functionality

Generally speaking that is correct.  Just keep in mind that both models have different discounting structures.

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VIP Alumni
Actually there is an even newer way of using A FLEX named user that is the most preferred way of doing this. A WX was the legacy way and A-SPK replaces it but now A FLEX is the most current way which also includes edge audio to avoid toll plus call back costs. I would recommend using that and doing the pricing