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Ask the Expert: Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified MeetingPlace " rel="nofollow" target="globalCDCpopup">Read the bioWith " rel="nofollow" target="globalCDCpopup">Dejan Petrovic

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about different MeetingPlace deployment types, what they include and require, and what they are capable of with Cisco expert Dejan Petrovic.  Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a conferencing solution providing audio and video conferencing, and data sharing experience. It can be fully on premise solution or a hybrid solution integrated with WebEx for data sharing capability. Dejan  will be answering any questions about installation, upgrade, migration and troubleshooting processes.

Dejan Petrovic is a Cisco customer support engineer and team lead in the Conferencing Technical Assistance Center team based in Boxborough. He has been providing support to customers and partners for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solutions since 2009. He has more than eight years of experience working in the IT industry as system administrator, business manager, and networking consultant. Petrovic holds a bachelor’s degree in computer network and information systems as well as several Cisco certifications, including CCNA, Cisco IPCC Express Specialist,  and MeetingPlace Support Specialist.

Remember to use the rating system to let Dejan know if you have received an adequate response. 


Dejan might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Collaboration, Voice and Video sub-community discussion forum shortly after the event.  This event lasts through February 8, 2013. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.


Hi Dejan,

let me first thank you for offering us chance to learn more about MeetingPlace. I didn't have a chance to play with it recently and will appreciate if you can answer to some basic questions, hoping it is not out of the scope of this topic:

1. When was version 8.5 introduced (at least approximately, even year only is fine)?

2. Is is possible to use Tandberg based MCUs (like 4200/4500 or even 8420/8510) instead of RAD based 3500?

3. Is there an option to get the MeetingPlace software in a demo form, for example with some basic licensing, so I can install and prove decision makers in the company that they should invest into this product?

4. Is MCU mandatory part of the MeetingPlace product, i.e. can we demonstrate functionality using virtualized environment only?

5. Is there any roadmap available, i.e. can we expect new version during this caledar year?

6. Finally, can you give us some arguments when MeetingPlace is better option than Webex?



Hi Tenaro,

Thank you very much for your questions.

Let me try answering them in order they were asked:

1. MeetingPlace 8.5 was first released in summer of 2011. Currently MP8.5 is at Maintenance Release 3 level (8.5.5.x).

2. Unfortunately, if you opt for MP8.5 with Hardware Media Server, it can only utilize RAD base 3515 or 3545 MCUs. No other types of MCU are supported with MP8.5

3. It is possible to get a demo version of MP8.5 but unfortunately only for internal use. If you talk to your Cisco Account team they can help you out with the demo.

4. MP8.5 can be run in Hardware Media Server mode which requires MCU blades, or in Express Media Server mode which uses server's CPU and RAM resources for Audio/Video processing. Hence, you do not need MCU for your demo or a production system. You can run the server in Express Media Mode.

5. You will see new Maintenance Releases of the MP8.5 version in the months to come (MR4 expected in June this year). However, MeetingPlace 8.5 is the last version of MeetingPlace as it is now (there will be no ver.9 or 10.etc.). Cisco is moving toward WebEx On-premise solution called Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS) that is currently in 1.0 release. There will be another Ask the Expert session about this product from February 25th to March 8th where you will be able to find out much more. In the meantime, you can take a look at these links for more info:

General info:

Data sheet:

6. There are multiple benefits of using MeetingPlace in integration with WebEx than just WebEx as a service. Of course, it all depends on your needs. If you have a large amount of audio minutes used in your meetings over the month, MeetingPlace can significantly cut on costs of audio calls. Furthermore, with MeetingPlace you can use WebEx Node for MCS server which allows you to host internal only WebEx meetings in your environment which significantly cuts on bandwidth utilization of your internet connection (most internal users can join meetings on a WebEx node, and there is only 1 connection from WebEx Node to the cloud connecting any external participants from the Cloud with the rest of the internal participants on the WebEx Node). Those are the ones that I can think of at this time and that I found most significant ones.

I hope this answers your questions. Please, let me know of any other questions you might have or if I need to provide further clarification.

Thank you.



Hi Dejan,

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

We're integrating a MP8.5.5.2 with WebEx. And I have some questions with the MP deployments type

1. I've installed a MP with deployment type "MP/WebEx with MP-Scheduling".  When integrating it with WebEx it gives XMLAPI error. What could be the reason if all firewall requirements are fulfilled (permit any any)

The WebEx site is already provisionned.

Q1: What could be the error about the communication with WebEx?

2. With this same deploymet, I've also installed a MPWeb. Meeting creation was successfull. When I click to the button "Connect", to joing the meeting a popup appears. BUT It gives error : "Corresponding User Not Found" - "Operation Failed" . Then I cannot see any web-meeting.

Q2: What could be the error?

3. In the second case, we rei-installed a MP but with "MP/WebEx with WebEx scheduling" model. The communication to WebEx can be established. But PIN cannot be updated, and Users cannot be Synchronized.

The MP system is inside aprivate LAN (RFC 1918) so all connection to Internet use Network Address Translation.

Q3: What could be the error?

Q4: Do I need to configure Port Address Translation on the edge router or migrate the system in a DMZ?



Hello Antra,

Thank you very much for your questions. Please, take a look at my answers below:

1. Installing MP8.5 as MP/WebEx with MeetingPlace Scheduling applies only to deployments where you migrate from previous release (e.g. MP7.x or 8.0 with MP Scheduling). It is not possible to use this deployment for new installations. You can find more about this in the following document:

"The following information assumes that you are migrating to Cisco  Unified MeetingPlace Release 8.5 from a previous release. Release 8.5  does not support deployments with MeetingPlace-scheduling for new  installations."

2. The answer to this question is rooted in the answer to Q1. This type of deployment is not supported for new installations of MP8.5 with WebEx. When you are doing a clean install of MP8.5 and want to integrate it with WebEx, you have to go with WebEx Scheduling deployment. The only workaround, a complex one, would be to first install MeetingPlace 8.0 and integrate it with WebEx with MeetingPlace scheduling, and then migrate that solution to MP8.5 version. I've seen several customers following that path successfully.

If that is not something you can do, you will then have to go with WebEx Scheduling deployment.

3. So there can be several different things when it comes to creating users on WebEx end and then syncing them to MeetingPlace. Depending on the error you get there might be different causes. Since all the connections between MP App server and WebEx are initiated from MP App to WebEx, it doesn't matter that your MP App server is in a private LAN. We definitely don't require MP App to be publicly reachable and placed in a DMZ. What we do require is that you ensure that your firewall allows outbound communication from MP to WebEx addresses on port 443. Information about the IP ranges you need to configure can be found here:

Furthermore, ensure you don't create end users on MP side. Create users on WebEx and sync them over. If you get an error, it is most likely the issue with connection MP App server to TSP cluster on WebEx side. Without logs, I cannot tell you what exactly the problem is. So, I might have to advise to open a TAC case so we can take a look.

Please, let me know if any clarification is needed on any of the above, or if you have some additional questions.

Thank you.


Hi Dejan,

Thank you very much. It's very clear.

I'll follow the WebEx scheduling model.

I've contacted the WebEx team, and they resolved the issue. Users can be Synchronized now.

Thanks again,


Thank you, Antra. I am glad to hear that.

Have a great day.


Hi Dejan,

I have another question :

When using the WebEx-Scheduled model, does the call-back request is sent through the https from WebEx to the MP?

If it doesn't works (internal call-back or pstn access via the MP). Where should I go : to TAC or to WebEx support?



Hi Antra,

When in WebEx scheduled deployment, you can use a Call back feature from WebEx Meeting Center (once you join the meeting).

1. If you get a Call-back pop-up window that allows you to enter your phone number and initiate the call, that means that the connection between MP and TSP cluster is working properly (WebEx can successfully send XML messages to MP over TSP connection (https/443).

2. If you get a pop-up saying "You are experiencing a connection issue. Wait a few moments and try again" and information about how to dial in to the meeting, that means there is a connection issue between MP and TSP cluster. For these issues, I recommend reaching out to MP TAC first.

3. If you get a Call-back pop-up window that allows you to enter your phone number and initiate the call, but you get an error that call failed, it means that some configuration either on MP or CUCM side of things, and again, I would advise you reach out to MP TAC.

In general, if you have issues with MeetingPlace/WebEx integration, I would advise you reach out to MP TAC first. We can identify if the issue is on MP or WebEx side of things and can do a warm handoff to the WebEx team for you.

I hope this answers your questions.

Kind regards,


Hi Dejan


Thank you very much.



Hi Dejan,

From my previous posts, The Call-backe conferencing feature is working now.

but the problem is on the DTMF :

If I call inthe MP then it recognize the DTMF signal and insert the MP forward me in the Meeting Room.

But I  make a call-back then theMP don't recognize the signal.

The call-back to the CUCM works properly.

but the callback via the H323 gateway doesn't works.

the schema is like following :

My Cell-Phone -> E1(PRI) -H323VGateway->SIP Trunk->CUCM->SIPTrunk->MeetingPlace.

the MP version =

CUCM = 8.6

How can I resole this issue?



Hi Antra,

In my experience, you are having issues with passing of DTMF digits through you H323 Voice GW. You would need to open a TAC ticket with Voice Gateway team, so they can take a look at your configuration and make the needed changes.

They  should be able to help you.


Ricardo Sicheran

Hi Dejan,

My company has three clusters.  We deploy MP 8.5 at all three regions and integrate with Webex.  We have some challenges that I am currently reviewing what might be the best method to make the deployment more efficient.

Here are some of the challenges that we face:

1. When a meeting is scheduled on Webex cloud all employees currently have to access Webex through the internet to get the Webex portion of the meeting which utilizes more internet bandwidth

2.  Internal meetings consume extra ports at times when many meetings occur.  We get billed for seperately from our plan for those

3.  Audio only meetings/conferences that are scheduled through the Webex site "seem" to use Webex ports as well, can you confirm

Here are my considerations:

Quest 1, 2 & 3: 

  • Webex on premise seem to solve these problems however the implementation will be a big investment I believe even though the returns over time will be worth it.
  • We will need to migrate from UCM 8.5 to 8.6 if we go Webex on premise.
  • Webex on premise still has port limits that will maybe disable the box if we go over the licenses too many times
  • We will need an on premise solution for all three clusters

From the thread above Webex node for MCS would have kept internal meetings internal but it is EOL as seen here:

Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks


Hi Ricardo,

First of all thank you for your post. I will try to address your questions/concerns below.

When it comes to Internet bandwidth utilization, you are right, WebEx Node for MCS would help there. Unfortunately, as you could see it is not possible to purchase those any longer. Hence, at this time, I don't have a solution for you to help you cut your Internet bandwidth utilization.

As for Audio only meetings, if you schedule them as MeetingPlace Personal Conference meetings, no ports should be utilized on WebEx end as there is nothing really happening on WebEx side.

You've mentioned Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS) as a solution for WebEx on premise, and you are correct. However, this is a new product that recently came out and is in v.1.0 stage with limited number of features. Depending on what you currently use, it might be a good fit, but I would advise you to discuss this with your Cisco Account Team. They should be able to do a demo of the product, so you can see if the current features satisfy your needs. There will be a separate Ask the Expert session for CWMS from February 25th to March 8th where you will be able to find out  much more. In the meantime, you can take a look at these links for more  info:

General info:

Data sheet:

As for port utilization, CWMS is currently supporting maximum of 2000 concurrent users on the system in a large deployment, which is significantly less than 15000 with MP8.5 with WebEx. Still, I don't know how many ports you are currently using, so 2000 might be sufficient.

Finally, one thing to mention that is important is that there is no migration path between MP8.5 and CWMS. CWMS would have to come as a completely new system.

Please, let me know if I was able to address your concerns/questions, and if you have more questions.

Thank you.


Jonathan Seville

Good day Dejan, I have MeetingPlace 8 Application server installed without  the Web server or Webex node. I know there is no content sharing in  version 8 as there was in previous versions and that to obtain the  recordings I should have the Web server. However I occasionally need to  download just the recordings, is there anyway to do this without the web  server? Thank you.

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