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Cisco Jabber for Ipad - No Presence.


I have installed and provisioned cisco jabber for IPAD. VCS control  is version 7.1 and TM is 13.2 (TMSPE) The configuration template for  jaber tablet was downloaded and used. The video and audio works fine. I can even get address book and search all users on endpoints(EX 90, EX 60 and Cisco Jabber clients on windows) The issue is

1: There is no presence for the users

     If i am logged in ipad my contacts see me as offline. Also i cannot see any logged in jabber clients(PC Users).

2: I cannot see the active status under provisioning  when i am looged in using IPAD. Used to see a TIC mark when a client logged in. Not seeing those now.

3: The provisioning license is not consumed for IPAD user. For Jabber Telepresence for windows, the logged in users licnese is shown (attached pic- 2users license consumed) i have 2 jabber video clients for windows, and 1 jabber 1 pad client logged in when the screen shots were taken

Anyone facing this issue??


  1. I don't get presence either, and would like to know if there is an answer for it.
  2. If I look up my user in the provisioning directory, it does show that my iPad is provisioned and active for my account.
  3. I can't say anything toward the lisence count, it's hard to say with all the accounts we have active sometimes.

Our infrastructure is slightly different in that we are running TMS 13.2.1 and using TMS Agent Legacy.

Ray Boland

Have you got a configuraiton template for the Jabber Client?

I've heard of this issue and it was resolved by creating the Jabber Client template. The template tells the client where to send the phonebook and presence requests.


Has any of you seen the iPad client initiating a call beut doesn't have the video feedback from an internal call to a C20, registered to the VCS (x7.1) ?

I perform the same call but registered from the VCS-E and everything is OK.

Any ideas ?

Hello Ray,

I have uploaded and configured the jabber client template. As you can see fromt he screen shot(Provisioning Acitve) in my initial post, its show the jabbertablet when the client register. Als i have added phonebook and presence in the template among other things. Phone books works perfectly. It is the Presence that has the issue.


I have same issue too

Looking back on the data sheet again, I did see the following:

Presence (Requires Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Connect Service)

However, having a presence configuration in the TMS template for the iPad does confuse things a bit?

It seems, that presence works only with CUCM =(

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