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Cisco Unity Connection IMAP License and Functionality

Hello Guys


I have an old CUCM 8.6 that has many licenses LICIMAPSUBSCRIBERSMAX and I dont understand what to do this.


I reseach on google and I found this:


Sets the maximum number of users who can use:

• A third-party IMAP client to access voice messages.


• The unified messaging feature “Synchronize Unity Connection and Exchange Mailboxes (Single Inbox)” on the Unified Messaging > Unified Messaging Services page and on the Users > Users > Unified Messaging Accounts page. For single inbox, the total number of users in classes of service for which single inbox is enabled must not exceed the licensed maximum. This applies regardless of the number of users in those classes of service who are configured to use single inbox. In addition, all users who are configured for single inbox must be in a class of service for which single inbox is enabled.


But I still don't get it. Can you please explain me in Humans Words?


Re: Cisco Unity Connection IMAP License and Functionality

You said CUCM but, if memory serves, this license applied to CUC. Before Single Inbox was introduced in CUC 8.6 there was “integrated” messaging where you added an IMAP account in the user’s mail client (eg Outlook). It was mildly better than SMTP Relay since changes to message state such as marking it read or deleted was reflected on CUC itself. This feature still exists but I haven’t encountered anyone who actually uses it. This license also no longer exists in modern versions.


PS- Yikes. You need to upgrade; 8.6 is well past end of life at this point and has multiple known vulnerabilities.


Re: Cisco Unity Connection IMAP License and Functionality

Hello Thank you for reply


Yes it is for CUC it was my mistake but I have both CUCM and CUC 8.6.2 and yes I know there are discontinued.


This CUC have both many licenses and these two called my attention:


  • LicIMAPSubscribersMax
  • LicVMISubscriberMax

The second one is for user who could use Web Inbox to hear their voicemail attached on their phone right? So the first one you are telling that is to send their voicemail to an external mail like gmail,outlook,yahoo,etc?

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