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Disable Application/Desktop Sharing in Movi


I have got a requirement to stop our users from sharing applications through Movi. I can't see anything in the release notes or in the TMS/VCS documentation.

Has anybody found a way of doing this?

Thanks in advance


Movi 4.2

VCS X7.0.1

TMS 13.1.1

Martin Koch

There is no way to do that that I am aware of. So I guess the best is to talk to your Partner / SE and file a feature request.


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Michael Boscia

Assuming that Movi/Jabber Video use BFCP for content sharing, if you make sure that the offer or response in the SDP from the Movi device filters that out, or otherwise rejects that offer, you may be able to accomplish your goal that way.

Besides on a neighbor zone base there is no way on a VCS to do so. Adding some sip proxy in

between stripping SDP, ... I do not want to think about that :-)

I would also not really recoment to use that, but Movi v2 did not support BFCP at all.

For me it would make the most sense to add this as a provisioning feature to limit codec

capabilities, incl. BFCP.

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You could purposely trunk Movi calls through a CUCM running a version that doesn't support BFCP......

Yeah, there isn't a good way to do this....

Your best bet is to open a TAC case.

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Michal: no your CUCM idea does not sound good out of many reasons.

Its not really a thing for TAC (besides kindly asking if they have a workaround (like a

config file option which he could roll out to disable BFCP on specific clients).

Besides that it would be a feature request (like I said the provisioning would be the way to go)

and TAC would also just point to a SE.

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Maybe I guess I should have been more clear.

I didn't mean to say that the CUCM idea was a good idea, just that it was an idea.

In 5 and a half years of doing video for Cisco, TAC has never, ever referred me to an SE.

If he has a maintenance contract, there is no reason not to open the case to ask the question.

That is one of the reasons why you buy SMARTNET, so you can call TAC when the documentation is unclear or totally lacking for what you want to do.

This will likely result in either a feature request or a defect.

Having said that, if there is a way to do it, TAC is the way for the average customer to escalate to the BU to find someone who knows how to do it if it is possible with current technology.

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