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Kelli Glass
Community Manager

Early Adopter Trial for Jabber Calling Integration for MS Teams

jabber calling pic 2.PNG

The Jabber Calling Integration for MS Teams early adopter trial is open and available to Cisco customers and partners until the end of March. Get the pre-release software, test it out and provide your feedback directly to Cisco engineering.

To participate, join Customer Connection, Cisco's global online user group program. Here's how:

  1. Join the Customer Connection Program (CCP) 
  2. Once your membership is approved and you receive the welcome email, sign up for the trial in the private Collaboration CCP forum under Early Adopter Trials.

Let us know if you have any questions about the program.
Thanks for participating!

UPDATE: this trial has been closed. Please join the Customer Connection program to learn about available and upcoming trials.



Pardon my ignorance but does just apply to Hosted Cisco Collaboration Solutions (HCS) or on premise as well?

Thanks in advance



@Richard McLoughlin 


This applies to on premise Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) deployments as well.


All the best,



Thank you Christopher

Sorry Christoffer, I can't find any docs about this, can you help link something to me ? //Torben

@Torben Svinth Lindner 


Below are the instructions for participants to join the trials:

Participants must join the Customer Connection Program (CCP) first in order to register for an Early Adopter Program (EAP) trial (see attached). Once they have joined the CCP, access to sign up for and participate in EAP trials is but one of the many benefits of joining the CCP.

Again, you must join the CCP first if you haven’t already, and then you will have access to the private member community where you can register for an EAP trial.

Joining an EAP Trial - Getting Started:

  1. Please go to the CCP public landing page:
  2. If you are already a CCP member, login with your (CCO) ID.
  3. If you are not currently a CCP member, follow the instructions to join the CCP and then return to step 1 above.
  4. Click on the link “Go to Collaboration track community”.
  5. Click on “Early Adopter Trials” then select the “Access & Sign up for EAP Trials”.
  6. Select the trial of interest, read the requirements, and register for the trial.​

All the best,




Very interested in this, describes our situation perfectly, I signed up but could not find any other info or places to mark me down as interested, any further actions needed on my part?  

NM, found it. 

Signed up for this and I think this is a feature that multiple firms will benefit from. Looks like the primary feature is the ability to place a call from Jabber embedded within MS Teams. As this will generate significant interest, does anyone know what's on the road map for additional features but more specifically:


  • Presence Integration - As Jabber is available via teams, if a call is made or received on Jabber, will presence in MS Teams update automatically to show you are on a call i.e. similar to CUCI Lync and Skype integration

@Ebenezer.EbenSpiff  - we can't provide road map information here (you are in a public space in Cisco Community). Please post your question to the Customer Connection space that is for the Jabber Calling Integration for MS Teams space.

Thank you for your interest.

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