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Escape character for Cisco Directory Connector LDAP filter

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I'm searching for a way to escape a character when creating my Cisco Directory Connector LDAP filter. For example, we have an LDAP attribute called vicepresident=. This works for most users, such as (vicepresident=Smith, John), however it doesn't work for a specific VP who has a nickname surrounded by parentheses in their display name, for example (vicepresident=Smith, William (Bill)).


I've tried (vicepresident=Smith, William (Bill)) and although it accepted the query, no new users were added. It should add at least a few hundred users. I also tried a single backslash  (vicepresident=Smith, William \(Bill\)) yet no new users were added. Finally I tried double-blackslash (vicepresident=Smith, William \\(Bill\\)), however that gave me syntax error when I tried to apply the changes.

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

According to the MS page on searching, it would look like this:


(vicepresident=Smith, William \28Bill\29)

I did give it a shot, and it worked for me.  CUCM 11.5 and AD 2012R2.

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