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HA System Database Increasing...!!!

Sagar Tanmane


We Have On-prem CWMS setup & around 3000 licenced user,

Our Ha system got fail & it has got near abt a month to fixed that issue, Now we have a HA system in architecture setup & we are monitoring the server activity very closely.

We have observed that , the database size of HA system is getting increase by high rate per day, i.e. 2-3 GB per day,   We haven't observed susch a drastic change in Db before.

Earlier, when we collected the logs at the HA down, It was showing there As " Db >> 100 % " , so It seems whenever the HA database reaches at its Max it will goes down again...

So , My question here is >>  Why it is increasing with HA only ?? Why not for Primary System, as it's behavior is as normal as earlier..!

Requesting you all to please suggest any proactive measure to overcome this issue...!!!

- Saga

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Derek Johnson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If you are not currently on the latest release 1.5 MR2, then I suggest upgrading to that version due to

CSCul30354 that causes the /db partition to fill up on the HA admin VM. The cause of the issue is due to HA DB archive logs that are not properly purged.

You can find more details regarding the 1.5 MR 2 release here:


Derek Johnson

Conferencing TAC

Hi Derek,

Thanks For the Information,

Yes, we are currently using 1.5 MR1,but when we had 1.5 of CWMS , we didn't faced such issue related to Db. As we moved to 1.5 MR1 this goofing of issues started, thats the reason we are so concious to go for the 1.5 MR 2.

Can you suggest any workaround ?? , so we can go further with MR1 & look for some proactive measure for this increasing database.

- Saga

Hi Saga,

CSCul30354 is present in all versions of 1.5, but /db log fills up over time so was likely not an issue back then as it only causes a problem when it is 100% full.

Per the defect notes, the workaround is as follows:

1. Remove HA system.
2. Deploy new HA system and add it back into topology.

DB must be active on primary system before attempting workaround,
otherwise DR must be performed.

Given this, the balance to make is between rebuilding the HA each time HA fills up, or upgrading to 1.5 MR 2.


Derek Johnson

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