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I have several Polycom Group Series Webcameras. Is it possible to register a Polycom Webcamera into Spark Clould?

Is it possible to register a Polycom Group Series Webcamera ino Spark Clould?


No the service is for Cisco endpoints to register. You can use on premise expressway/-VCS-C for that purpose


As Srinivasan Kilambi mentions : Cisco Spark has no roadmap to support for allow 3rd party codec to register it.

But you can use polycom eagle eye camera converter to USB interface, let your laptop recognize it as a web cam, then you can use Spark software to join the meeting.


Do you anticipate any movement on 3rd party endpoint registration? We are wanting to do the same thing at our organization. We have over 200 Polycom video endpoints and it just does not make sense to replace the device just to make it work/register to Spark. Cisco really needs to look into supporting this capability. For a sales guy it's a great thing; for the customer is a tremendous financial burden.

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IS on premise out of the question? Many of my customers with large number of third party register it to vcs and then inter work to CUCM and phase them out as needed. It doesn't have to be a Big Bang approach and you can use CMR in the cloud for bridging or keep that on premise too


Yes; we are upgrading our WebEx platform to include CMR and are looking at Spark down the road. We can make calls into the CMR environment with no issues with our existing endpoints. It is the Spark integration/registration we are wanting to figure out and is why we would like Cisco to consider supporting this. I have heard this from other businesses as well. It is a CAPEX concern mainly but quickly becomes OPEX. It just does not make sense to spend the money, even over time, to replace perfectly good video endpoints just to work with Spark.

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Tom Gavin

Tech Consultant, Video Architecture


Maybe I need some more info on what you mean by spark integration? As you probably might know spark is a service to support endpoints registered to it or can support a hybrid model where CUCM/Expressway provide interop and work with Spark in the cloud for A/V interop using call service connect. I don't disagree in a perfect world third party endpoints should register to spark but there is a solution with a combination of on premise and spark that is possible plus CMR.

On the point of CAPEX/OPEX of course cloud is perfect for that monthly subscription model but one can also cover on premise with a lease and make it a per month operational cost if needed


Ok, I was not aware of that CUCM/Expressway could provide that interoperability. Good to know. I will reach out to our account engineer and get more information.

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Yes the plan is CUCM on premise for Cisco endpoints integrated with expressway for Polycom sip endpoint registration or vcs is Polycom is h323 then integrated using expressway pair to spark cloud and CMR cloud to provide spark call service connect and CMR access

Spark then basically dial sip uri and reach ccm endpoints or the Polycom through ccm expressway trunk

Spark is just another soft client like jabber

You can have another dedicated expressway c for other connectors like calendar and call service aware for zero touch meetings

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