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J4W Caller ID ignores transformation patterns

Level 3
Level 3

I have a strange issue with caller ID on Jabber 4 Windows. I have a SIP trunk to an ITSP where called and calling numbers are 9 digits long e.g. E.164 without the country code. I use calling party transformation patterns to turn the caller ID into +E.164 format and, on standard handsets, it displays fine. On J4W it ignores the transformation pattern and displays the 9 digit number instead. This then goes into call history and the user can't then dial the number back. I can put application dial rules into Jabber, but I'd rather have Jabber use the transformation patterns as the handsets do, not to mention it looks better. I've had this happen on 2 separate customer sites. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Vivek Batra
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Joe,

Please check the following link if the case is similar to yours one.

- Vivek

Hi Vivek,

It does appear to be that bug, but we're using Jabber 11.0 (and about to deploy 11.6) so I would have thought that it'd be resolved. Dial rules did in fact fix my missed calls list, but when I redial the connected number is again 9 digits and overwrites both missed and placed calls in the history and redialling again then fails. It's certainly a weird fault. I'm playing around with Lua normalisation scripts so I may have to add a workaround on the inbound trunk.