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J4W cannot use deskphone when CTI Secure Connection

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This is the issue: I am able to control my deskphone when my end user doesn't have "standard CTI secure connection", but once I assign this role, I get that I cannot control my deskphone.

Another thing that happens is that I can't use "use my computer..." to make calls (cannot connect to CUCM CSF). I already have a CSF device and the DN has the user assigned to it. I tried to install certificate, but it says always "operation pending". When I checked wireshark captures, I see Jabber receives its configuration file and its cut file.

My trunk between IM&P and CUCM is in secure mode, Port 5061/tls.

Any suggestions? 

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You're not supposed to use standard CTI secure connection in first place, the documentation explains that

If you provision users with secure phone capabilities, do not assign the users to the Standard CTI Secure Connection group.

Why did you configure a secure SIP for the IM&P integration? you're NOT supposed to be doing that, review the configuration guide, there is no mention whatsoever of using a secure SIP trunk

As to the CSF device, have you already checked all the basics?

And what certificate are you talking about??

Not sure what you're trying to do here, but I STRONGLY suggest you review the documentation on this before anything else, and make sure that everything is according to it.



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Thanks for your answers.

I followed all the configurations guides and I checked twice my configuration. I've done this before, but this time it does not work. My trunks is not secure now and I have all the basics from the configuration guide.

When I sniff the traffic I notice that J4W receives its configurations file and also (before) it recieves a CTL file. 

I have anything else, but not telephony service.