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Jabber 14 Phone Services Not working outside of the domain and Android


Dear All,

@Jaime Valencia 

Thank you very much for taking the time to ready my post.


I have configured CUCM V14 , Unity Connection V14 , IMP V14  and AD 2019 for the LDAP.


All DNS A records and SRV Records were configured correctly.


All configurations and integrations has been done successfully also I am able to login to Jabber within the domain successfully and I get Phone Services , Voicemail and Instant Messaging. also CUCM and Directory Discovery is done properly within the domain.


My problems here when I login to Jabber from Windows outside of the domain and also Jabber on Android too.


I have googled the issue and read articles and admin guide about UDS/EDI/BDI . but there is no detailed configuration for EDI and BDI and I am not good with the XML files.


I have attached the logs and configuration from Jabber Android and the problems is the same for Jabber for Windows too. I tried to add some parameters from the UC Service profile but still didn't work.


All my cluster is V14 please help me to get the Phone Services working for Jabber Android and Jabber Windows outside of the domain. I appreciate all your great efforts.


I meant by that Normal workstations that are not joined to the domain but have the DNS Server (DC Controller) as the primary DNS server in the IP configuration and yes also the VPN users that has jabber.


Yes , I do have Anyconnect IOS vpn configured in place with a full internet tunnel and has the DNS server (DC controller) as the DNS Server also. I don't have a problem in the services discovery using SRV records but Phone services are not up despite I can ping to the CUCM Publisher IP. and I tested to ping from CUCM Publisher to the clients too works. I know its some parameters needed to be added for the jabber-config.xml in relation to BDI/EDI


I have attached my jabber-config and all logs 

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But who says, that it isn't a network / FW issue? Just because you can ping both ways, doesn't mean e.g. SIP is going through the FW. Have you already checked that?