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Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Bom dia,

     Estou testando o Jabber 9.2.1 em Mac e está funcionando em partes, o CTI está ok, consigo usar o deskphone ou o softphone, consigo visualizar minhas mensagens de voz no unity, o único item que não está operacional é a conexão com o AD (novamente) tive o mesmo problema na versão 8.6 aonde corrigi o problema apenas mudando a porta do ad de 389 para 3268, fiz um debug da versão 9, pelo que vi o software não consegue pegar as informações do serviço:

phantom:Jabber cent4urus$ cat Jabber-2013-09-27-09593336.log | grep -i "directory"

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.038 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.038 DEBUG [main] - [ARXServiceManager addServices:] Adding service <ARXDirectoryService: 0x7d87be70> available:NO enabled:NO disabledByUser:NO status:kARXServiceStatusStopped

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] primaryAddress =

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] primaryPort =

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] userName =

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] password =

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] searchBaseEscaped = , searchBase = (null)

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] photoURLFormat =

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.039 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService retrieveServerSettings:] Updated directory account, password:, siteURL:(null), portNumber:(null), primaryAddress:(null), backup1Address:(null), backup2Address:(null), serverConfiguredAccount = YES, protocol = (null), fieldMapping: (null), searchBase: (null), photoURLFormat:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.055 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.056 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.056 DEBUG [main] - [ARXServiceManager startSecondaryServices:] <ARXDirectoryService: 0x7d87be70> available:NO enabled:NO disabledByUser:NO status:kARXServiceStatusStopped

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.056 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:38.330 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:43.981 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:43.990 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:46.731 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:47.471 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

-- 2013-09-27 09:59:47.475 DEBUG [main] - [ARXDirectoryService isAvailable] primaryServer:

Alguma sugestão?




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Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Have you updated the jabber-config.xml file to include the non-Windows BDI directory section?

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Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Hi Jonathan,

I'm having the same problem on Jabber v9.2.1 on UCM/IMP 9.1.  When is a jabber-config.xml file needed?  That document says:

Cisco Jabber for Mac Configuration Requirements
In most environments, Cisco Jabber for Mac does not require any configuration. You should create a configuration file for Cisco Jabber for Mac only if the default configuration does not suit your environment or you require custom configuration.

Windows clients can directory search just fine so the back-end seems to be setup fine.

Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

The Windows client is set to use EDI by default which isn't available on any other platform. This is why the "by default" config works: the client just asks the Windows ADSI API. Since none of the 9.2 clients read the UC Service Profiles from CUCM (yet), you need to define a BDI integration.

Think of the XML file as the way to get features added into Jabber faster than they can get those changes merged into CUCM.

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Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Thanks for the reply.  I understand that the Mac doesn't use EDI, but from what I can see in my logs the Mac client is reading at least some profile information from UCM or IMP.  For example, it knows the UCM name for the AD bind account and if I'm not mistaken it must be reading that from UCM or IMP.  So that and the information from the help file I quoted made me think the Mac Jabber client's defaults would be appropriate for the platform according to that document referenced above.  For example, the default for BDILDAPServerType is 'AD', and the rest of the defaults listed look like exactly what I want.  Apparently that isn't correct, but I'll follow up and post whatever works in the end next week.


Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD


I wrote an xml file format BDI, still did not work. The debug shows the values ​​of the ad, but not jabber displays pictures or contact details (coming from the ad). doing research in the contact directory, with the contacts list from AD and photos are displayed but does not show the contact information (name, phone) ..

This is my xml file..











  mail , userPrincipalName

Show photos: only is search for contacts (Directory) - Contacts don't have any photos

Contact Info: NONE

Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Think through the XML file elements a bit; I can spot several problems:

  • I have never encountered an OpenLDAP server that runs on port 3268. Either you're using Microsoft AD or your port is wrong.
    • AD
  • In AD, it's CN=Users, not OU=Users. That container is some weird Microsoft exception.
    • CN=Users,DC=company,DC=net

  • You probably want to enable ANR
    • True

As for photos, your message isn't clear whether you are trying to get the binary attribute from AD or the URL subsittution to work.

PS- If you're going to point at a GC be careful with the non-indexed attributes. Under load you can bring a DC to it's knees with too many non-indexed queries.

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Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Hi Guys,

I can use the same jabber-config.xml to configure directory for Mac and Windows? Can you provide me an example file?

Another info, is how can I allow users to edit account tab on Mac and Windows?



Re: Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

I created a jabber-config.xml file and it is being downloaded onto my Mac in the right place.  Problem is, packet captures show that Mac Jabber 9.2.1 is using port 3268 no matter that my jabber-config.xml file says

636.  Port 3268 isn't used in our UCM config at all, so it seems the client is just defaulting to 3268 and not respecting the config file.


Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD


Anyone acheived working Openldap Directory integration for mac and Windows with jabber-config.xml file.

Our end customer have Windows and Mac , so I have to play with jabber-config.xml file with EDI and BDI parameters.

While using EDI configuration, everything is OK for Windows.

While using EDI/BDI configuration, even Windows clients are failing to get Directory service.

Thanks in advance for your help


Jabber 9 (Mac), problemas com AD

Well here's what seems to be working for me for Active Directory for what it's worth.  Maybe you can adapt it for openldap.  I might not even have needed a section for windows/EDI if it weren't for the fact that I need to use a custom 'BusinessPhone' parameter at our site so I think I needed a block of xml to stick that in somewhere.

Some of the options for EDI may well be defaults I don't know.




ou=My Users,dc=ad,dc=mycompany,dc=com







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