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Jabber and outlook for meeting question

hi Guys,

i am just wondering if someone can shed some light for this general question. i have 12.5 uc system configured and working great for jabber. the question i have is about jabber client and meeting tab.

i was under the impression that jabber connects with local outlook client to get the meeting information and put it in the meeting tab.  but what is "include meeting information in presence" in the end user page of cucm?  i do have that checked as well and exchange integrated as gateway in IMP. but i am confused between local outlook connection using imapi and this exchange gateway part.  is this "nclude meeting information in presence" only used for presence info? for example, jabber gets the meeting info from local outlook but it will only display status "in a meeting" when this exchange gateway configured?

OR if exchange gateway is configured, jabber can get all meeting info from exchange even when no outlook client is installed on local PC where jabber is running (or iphone/android)??/


thank you so much in advance


VIP Engager

It toggles on or off the calendar subscription through Exchange, as a presence gateway, in IMP. If it's on it will update your presence according to the capabilities of it and what it pulls from your free/busy status from EWS.
It will not update the meeting tab for you , that's still MAPI or whatever on Mac or however your calendar integration is set.

Thanks for your response Adam.


so if no outlook is installed on PC or anywhere, then jabber will not populate the meeting tab with meeting Info is what i understand. ?

thanks so much


As far as I am aware there's no hook to pull scheduled meetings even from hybrid calendar and webex service back into Jabber - someone can correct me there if I'm wrong. But if there's no outlook then you can choose one of the other calendar options such as google calendar, otherwise no I don't believe you'll see anything there. Perhaps something does if you have Webex apps and that but I really am not sure off the top of my head.
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