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Jabber drops conference calls

Level 1
Level 1

Hey guys,

when I try to start a conference call with my jabber client in deskphone mode (!), the third called phone rings for half a second and then the call is dropped. The call between the 2 "starting callers" can be continued.

Starting conference calls with our deskphones is possible without any problems.


We're running a CUCM, CUC and a CIMP in  version 10.5. Jabber is version 9.7.2..

Hope you can help me out with this.


Thanks in advance!




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Emmanuel Valdez
Level 3
Level 3
Hi, Do you have media resource list with conference resource applied to your jabber? Do you have same issue for external and internal calls? Regards.

Hey Emmanuel,


yeah thanks, i already had configured MRL/MRG with correct associations. 

Well, indeed i solved the problem and its kind of embarrassing:

The thrid participant was not using his jabber as a cti devices (1 and 2 were), he was using it as a softphone. 

Of course he had no CSF-Profile for it. 

After also the third participant configured his jabber in deskphone mode it worked out fine.


Thanks for your effort!