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Jabber for iPad shows "Away" presence status as "Busy"

I have noticed that if my presence status in Jabber for Windows is set to "Away", Jabber for iPad will show it as "Busy". Similarly for those in my contact list, they all show a status of "Away" in Jabber for Windows, but "Busy" in Jabber for iPad.

Jabber for iPhone displays the presence status correctly. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

We're currently running CUPS 8.6.3 (and CUCM 8.5.1).

Mark Congiusta
Cisco Employee


The Jabber presence model has changed since Jabber for Windows FCS'd so we have some updates to make to our presnce states to come back into compliance with the rest of the portfolio. This should happen soon in an upcoming release.


Can you give any more information on this change in the presence model? Right now it seems as though Jabber for iPad is the only one getting the presence status wrong (even the Presence Server itself shows the status as "Away" in Presence Viewer), but this sounds as though things have changed so that only the Jabber for iPad client is following this new model? Not sure if I have that right.

I also notice that Jabber for iPad will show when a user with DND as their status is on a call, whereas the other Jabber clients only ever show a status of DND. Is this expected behaviour in the new model?


Just to let you know, I'm still working on getting to the bottom of why the different Jabber clients are not behaving the same in this instance. As of right now the iPad client is showing the right model but the way they have implemented it seems to be on the client side and not the server side which is why the other clients  are not displaying the correct status. We need an architectural solution to get all the Jabber clients in alignment.

I'll let you know what I discover hopefully later this week.


Any updates on this issue or the architectural solution for the Jabber clients ?

I'm always hearing from customer that Jabber for MAC, Windows and Iphone presence is inconsistant.

I haven't really investigated this, but are there any known problems when a single person uses multiple jabber presence clients ?

-     Is there any documentation available if there are known issues ?



Yes, there still doesn't seem to be any progress on fixing this. The iPad Jabber still shows a different presence status to all other platforms.

This is almost a year on since my original post, and Jabber has been updated on all its platforms without this ever having been resolved.

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