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Sean McQuade

Jabber for Windows - Some problems

Hi all,

Have rolled out jabber install with an on prem CUPS 8.6. and all is working well for the most part apart from a few niggling issues.

- Deskphone use doesn't update "on a call" status; softphone use does. I have checked and the user is associated with both their device profile and the CSF device and the line is associated to the user correctly. If they make a call in softphone mode, their status updates correctly. If they make a call while in deskphone control mode, it stays "available". Is this something I have misconfigured, or is it a feature that isn't available?

- Users have reported that their username is displayed along the top of the client, instead of their full name. Also when using the search bar to look for contacts, they can only seem to search for the username, and not by first name or last name. I have created an LDAP server and profile on CUPS and associated all the users. The jabber.xml file has a directory type of EDI. Is there something else I need to do?

- I have tried a test calendar integration with Exchange 2003 but I am getting an SSL verification failed error on the CUPS side. Does the user account that you use for this need to have certain permissions?





'On the phone' status - the association from line-->user is done per line appearance, not per line. Have you done it for BOTH line appearances? i.e. when looking at the line, click the deskphone name in the 'associated devices' box and then click 'Edit Line Appearance' and verify that line is associated. If it is, try resetting the device.

Usernames - do you use sAMAccountName as the username in CUCM? Or something else? Basically the client displays the login username when it can't resolve it against AD. To get around that you need to edit the field mappings...

SSL Error - you need to browse to OWA in IE, and then view the certificate. On the cert view dialog you can view the cert chain, and can view each cert in the chain. You need to export each cert in sequence to files, and then upload them in OS Administration as 'presence-trust' certs. The 'accept cert chain' only seems to work for single-tier cert chains (i.e. not those with one or more intermediate certs).

Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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Hi Aaron,

I assumed the appearance was "per-line" and not per device as you have said. I updated the line appearance for both devices, but now when the phone goes off hook, it shows the attached - jabber.jpg. Maybe running into some other problem here? Also:

Deskphone  - Healthy

Status:  Connected

Protocol:  CTI

We do use sAMAccountName for username in CUCM but this would suggest that it can't connect to the LDAP server when users are trying to search? But when I look on the client:

Directory  - Healthy

Status:  Last Connect Succeeded


Protocol:  LDAP

Does this mean there is another problem with the LDAP and for some reason Jabber is searching CUCM instead?

Many thanks for your help


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