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Jabber from outside without VPN

Hello Experts,

I am planning to setup jabber access from outside public network without vpn.

i have already setup CUCM, CUC and IMP 10.0 version in my network.

i am also have inetrnal and external firewall in network.

i want to know what are the configuration required to setup so that can access jabber from outside.

I have also installed VCS-C before internal firewall and VCS-E after internal firewall.


can anyone help me to setup jabber to run from outside?

Warm Regard's
Amit Sahrma
Cisco Employee



Please refer to the Install and Deploy guide here:


Before you begin, if you're not familiar with how the firewall is deployed and configured, I'd recommend gathering some data to best understand how to deploy Jabber Guest. Specifically, you need to understand if NAT/PAT is configured, and if so, where (e.g., between the Internet and DMZ, or between the DMZ and the Enterprise network). In addition, you need to understand whether you are allowed to open a range of ports for media traffic on the internal firewall, or if you will be limited to using the VCS Expressway traversal zone.


After this, determine how your VCS Expressway Edge is deployed, with single NIC or dual NIC. If the firewall has NAT/PAT configured between the DMZ and Internet, then you can use either of the two deployment options listed in the guide above (media flowing via a port range on the firewall, or media flowing via the traversal zone).


If you have NAT/PAT configured on the internal firewall (between the DMZ and Enterprise), then you can only deploy Jabber Guest with media flowing via the VCS Expressway traversal zone.  And, as of right now, this is only supported using the dual-NIC option on the VCS Expressway Edge. However, we are currently testing to try and announce support for single NIC in this scenario. Stay tuned.

Finally, you need to configure a port translation on your outer firewall to translate incoming traffic to your Expressway on port 443 to port 9443.


Thanks for reply with good information.

 Can you tell me what information required in vcs core and edge for register jabber from public network?


Warm Regard's
Amit Sahrma

Just to confirm: are you trying to use Jabber Guest (browser-based client), or the Jabber UC client?


If it's Jabber Guest, then everything I state above is valid.; and, to answer your question, Jabber Guest doesn't actually register to the VCS Core/Edge. However, if you're trying to deploy the Jabber UC client, then you should pose your question to the Jabber Pilot forum.

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