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Jabber iPad - Unable to Search Corporate Directory


We are having issues with Jabber for Ipad in CUPS + CUCM integration.

When logging into Presence from Jabber for IPAD, corporate directory cannot be searched as well as already added contacts do not show telephone no: etc . The contact has only the chat, block and delete option.

Cisco Jabber for windows is working fine, as well jabber for iphone.

When jabber for ipad is logged in with only CUCM, then corporate directory can be searched. But it displays the user ID instead of the nickname. Here to iphone works fine. I guess only in CUCM mode the configuration is taken from Product Specific Configuration Layout.

CUCM ver is

CUPS Version is 9.1.1-10000-8

Jabber for ipad - 9.2 (21023)

I have configured ipad as TAB and configured UC service and UC porfile played around with most of the valuse, Attaching the screen shot both

Anyone has any comments to make the work corporate directory work in ipad?

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Why is your LDAP hostname defined as "1", under the UC service? This needs to be configured properly for LDAP to work on iPad/iPhone.



Hello Chris,

Sorry about the confusion caused. I have provided IP address in that field. Just grayed out that area when posting here.

Also i have verified the jabber for windows on the same wifi network, i can see another difference apart from the corporate directory not visible is that the name at the top is for IPAd is shown as, while in windows it shows the user name properly (Last Name, First Name).

Any other suggestion? will changing the EDI to UDS effect jabber for ipad??? is there anywere logs we can take from IPAD or traces in CUCM to Troubleshoot this issue?



Jabber for Windows does not use the UC service for LDAP, it uses EDI by default unless you change it to UDS via jabber-config.xml, so the behavior for J4W vs. Jabber for iPad are different.  You can pull the logs from Jabber via problem report option and have then emailed to you, those are actually very useful and can definitely show if LDAP server is not being reached, etc.



Hello Chris,

Thanks for the reply, I found a thread in the cisco community stating that jabber for ipad does not take UDS

I have a query, is jabber-config.xml file used by jabber for ipad? i have not yet configured jabber-config.xml since J4W was working wihtout any issue. If jabber.config.xml  is used by ipad i can configure it and upload it in the CUCM.



To Update,

I have edited the jabber-config.xml and uploaded it. It is being downloaded correctly for jabber for windows and all features and working as expected.

But jabber for ipad is still having the same issue, which is corporate direcotry not searchable, and the name is shown as

Any inputs anyone?



As I stated earlier jabber-config is not used by iPad, it is used by J4W, i know it it confusing and each Jabber variant behaves differently but that's the way it goes for now.  For Jabber for iPad to work properly with directory you need to ensure your UC service and profile assigned to the user are properly configured, logs will point out if something is not working properly.

HTH, please rate all useful posts!



have you resolve the problem??

i have the same problem....


Yes, use port number 3268 instead if the default 389 when you configure UC service profile for corporate directory.

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i change the port 3268..... no resolve....

Are you change another field?


Please copy paste your uc service profile for directory if you can. Is you cisco jabber for windows working perfectly??

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yes in windows everything is OK

Product Type Change to Directory instead of enhanced directory

Port - 3268

Protocol - TCP

Hi All,

A quick way to verify you can access the Ldap, is to get a laptop and connected to the wifi ap and use same ssid as IPAD. Then download a open source Ldap client tool and connnect to ldap ip/port 3268 using the same credentials as data filled in UC directory profile.

There maybe a firewalls or acl preventing you from access ip or port from the corp wifi.



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