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richard Beck

Jabber, Media Services Interface and Laptops w/ Wireless - No video

I have several users who are using the Jabber Deskphone CTI integration and the Video will not start when making a call to another video enabled endpoint. These users are on Wireless and Media Services Interface is installed. Is this normal?




Dennis Mink

Is this in a scenario where you call another party using a physiocal desk phone, that has video capabilities, though Jabber CTI control?  also what type of endpoint is the party you are calling.

and do you successfylly have video enabled call when dialing that same end point without Jabber CTI control?


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No, I was on Jabber Softphone and the other users was on Jabber with a 7945 and webcam on the PC. The 7945 was calling me. Video would not start and there wasnt a "Start video" button on the call window.

Video on my end works flawlessly. 

Is there any video bandwidth assigned to a call between the two phones, through the region setttings in cucm?

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Yes. All of that looks good. I am wondering if its an issue with Media service interface and the wireless connection. 

Does Media Services Interface work on wireless connected devices? Usually Media Services requires your PC to by physically connected to the desk phone for video to pop when answering a call.

So if you use a desktop and pair up the video capabilities of a laptop/desktop through its camera, this hinges on CDP (CAST).

CDP relies on direct Layer 2 connectivity between phone and laptop (typically when a laptop is daisy chained to the phone).

If you connect the laptop to the network through wifi, you break CDP, so the desk phone will no longer be video capabilities.

as far as I am concerned what you are seeing is expected behaviour. You would need to set up CSF devices to get video to work again.

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