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Making Multi-Point calls from a Cisco Spark Registered Room Device

We purchased four room SX20 room devices and put them in four different geographic locations. I need to know if there is a way to for us to place a multi-point call - meaning Site 1 calls Site 2 and then Site 3 joins the call - without using a laptop. We were told that this is possible by our vendor but we can't figure out how to get the third site to join the call.


Spark reg systems work a bit differently than CCM reg systems. In this case you can

1) Join a  WebEx if you have a license for it. This is the most feature rich option for many reasons

2) Every spark space has a URI associated with it. You can see that by hitting the "Waffle Icon" on the top right basically the 9 dots and under Meetings you will see it. This only shows for 1:1 spaces or spaces with >2 and <25 folks. Then your endpoints can dial into that space URI and have a multi point call

3) Use Proximity hit the call button on the space and then move the call to the endpoint. This can be done via laptop (which I know you don't want to use) or via mobile too.

Needless to say this is why usually for my clients I will lead with WebEx even one license to provide the most feature rich multi point features


Thanks for the info. I will test out the Spark space option. The thing is we wanted to be able to just walk into a room and call another site. Our top management does not want to be dialing into various WebEx meetings.

Also - when we first got the endpoints we were able to configure them to have an "Add to Call" button by turning that feature on before registering it to Spark via the web interface for the endpoint. We recently had to restore one to factory defaults and discovered that Cisco had removed that option. We have been unable to get a workable alternative.


I always tell my customer's that ad-hoc work flow cannot be duplicated in Spark universe i.e. A calls B, hits conf and then calls C and hits merge. You can do that outside of Spark using Multi-site license or using an on-premise bridge aka CMS.

WebEx is more of a meet-me type solution and spark entire premise is built on using proximity a lot which sometimes doesn't work for certain end user use cases as you have found out


It's very frustrating because we told our vendor from the start that's what we needed and they led us to believe Spark was the way to go. Now we're one year into a three year contract with them and stuck with a system that essentially is nothing more than a glorified way of displaying my laptop on a large screen TV!

Thanks again for your replies.


This is a tricky the Spark room device registration licenses only enable the TP end point to registered on the Spark cloud and make 1:1 Video Call.

you have to order latest one Spark M3 named users to host the Video Conf between all of TP end points and also with internal or external attendees.

after create space you can folk between Spark soft client and any near physical Cisco TP unit over Proximity 

Hope that help you