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No audio/video during Jabber Video call

Phuong Pham

Hi all,

I have Jabber with MRA. During the call, Jabber have a problem. It don't have video/audio. 

My system: CUCM 10.5, IMP 10.5, EXP 8.9.2, CMS 2.2.9, Jabber client for windows 11.7.

Anyone can explain this case for me?


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Jonathan Unger
Rising star
Rising star

Hi There,


"Most" MRA media issues are caused by a firewall blocking some or all of the media streams.


If you have access to the firewall (or are friends with your security team), check out the logs on it while making a test call (looking for blocks).


If you want to prove where the media is being dropped (without access to the firewall) you will need to do the following:

  1. Install Wireshark on your MRA client.
  2. Enable diagnostic logging on the Expressway Control and the Expressway Edge, be sure to enable the Packet Capture option.
  3. Make your MRA video test call.
  4. Collect the packet captures from the MRA client, Expressway Control and Expressway Edge. The Expressway Edge diagnostic logs will have 2 PCAP files inside (eth0/LAN#1 - Inside, eth1/LAN#2 - Outside).


In the packet capture taken from the MRA client, you should see a bunch of UDP RTP media packets destined for your Expressway Edge public IP address (should have an even destination port number). Compare these packets which were sent from your MRA PC to your EXP-E PCAP. If you do not see the same packets showing up on your EXP-E eth1/LAN#2 PCAP then you know something is blocking the packets between your MRA PC and the EXP-E.


A couple additional notes on Expressway deployments:

  1. Double/Triple check your firewall rules have been configured correctly. Refer to the appropriate version of the "Cisco Expressway IP Port Usage Configuration Guide", which can be found here
  2. Ensure that SIP inspection is disabled on your firewall.


Please let us know how it goes!

Dont necissarily turn SIP inspection off on the firewall. I do agree it can be a bit of a doubled edged sword. but it is not set in stone the turning it off fixes these sort of video/voice FW traversal issues. in fact I would leave it on,

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