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Open meeting with Spark? Self hosted meeting?

I would like to think this would be a common question, but haven’t found it discussed so far.  We have a Spark board in a cube with 4 individuals and multiple offsite sales people.  Is there a way to have an open meeting where the remote people can join at leave throughout the day so they can see and talk to the people in the cube?  I know it seems a bit big brother-ish, but trying to figure out the best way to do this.  At this point one of the cube people can start a meeting, but if they leave the meeting goes away.  I think if the Spark board itself could host the meeting that would work.... is that possible?


Re: Open meeting with Spark? Self hosted meeting?

I would look at and see if that meets your requirements.

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Re: Open meeting with Spark? Self hosted meeting?

Thanks for the response George.  I did check it out, but it doesn't currently work on the Spark Board.  Lots of potential though, and will keep a close eye on the project

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Re: Open meeting with Spark? Self hosted meeting?

How about call the spark board into a WebEx meeting? Sure there will have to be a host, but that host can 'pass' host role to the Spark Board participant if they need to exit. Normal CMR/aka WebEx Meeting Center Video duration is 24 hours.

People can enter/leave the WebEx meeting as they please. You can also enter this WebEx meeting from the Spark client(s), and Spark Room Kits, since WebEx version T31R2 released a year ago.



Re: Open meeting with Spark? Self hosted meeting?


Thanks for the response.  I tried what you suggested but unless I am missing something, it just doesn't seem to work that way.  If I schedule a WebEx meeting the spark board can not join as itself.  If I use the spark board  to call into the WebEx meeting it just rings but never joins, and don't get a request that someone if trying to join my meeting either.  However I can start a meeting from within a spark space and then the spark board can join, but I do not have the ability to make the spark board the moderator, so when I leave the meeting ends... hmm... there must be a simple solution, but I am just not finding it....

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