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Set a Default Phone in Jabber

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We have many employees that travel from location to location and use extension mobility.  We have set extention mobility to log the employees off the phones at the end of each day.  Is there a way to make the employees Jabber go back to their default phone (at employees primary office) each day as well?

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Dennis Mink
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VIP Alumni

as soon as the user gets logged out of the secondary phone, that phone should no longer be selectable as a controllable device in Jabber, and the primary phone/office that is still logged in, should be available.

Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

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Thanks for replying.   What you are are saying is not how our Jabber is working.  If I understand you correctly, the phone that the employee logins into only shows up in Jabber when they log into the phone via extension mobility?  If we could gets ours to work that way, that would be awesome.

Here is how we are set up:

All phones on our system are 7940 or 88XX series.  Eash is setup with a log in button for extension mobility.

What we have to do is know in advance what phone the employee will be using with extension mobility and add that phone to their controlled devies in order for it to show up in Jabber.  The phone is always in their Jabber.  If they log into a phone not in their controlled devices list, then then can still use the phone but cannot control it with Jabber as it never shows up to be controllable in Jabber.

We have one employee that travels to about 30 locations and we had to add all of the phones she uses as controlled devices so she could control them with Jabber. Because of the way it is currently working, she has 30+ phones setup in her controlled devices.  This works but if she forgets to set her Jabber to use the current phone each day, the phone rings elsewhere.  And, if someone else logs into the phone that her Jabber is controlling, really strange things start to happen and both employees get upset.

We have also setup our Call Manager to log out all employees from the phone after 10 hours from log in.  This part works great.