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Spark activated local admin?


Good morning everyone. I've been going back and forth in the new spark admin console and even though I have full admin privileges, it still does not allow me to connect calls manually or edit the contact list. Lots of options are missing if I compare my non spark SX20 and my Spark activated SX80 and SX10.

So is it possible to login as local admin once spark activated? The default passwords do not work in this case. Once the device is enrolled with Spark, seems like the admin account disappears, or the system sets a password but does not give it to us.... Ideas?

Please be gentle, I'm new to all this



Good morning Patrick, thank you for taking the time to reply.

We've been through that menu, unfortunately call control and many options are still missing.

I've given Cisco Spark a call and they mentioned that the TAC team has put in some feature requests in order to add more features to the advanced menu. However for the time being, it is no where near as complete as having a unit not in cisco spark currently. We'll have to make due which is a pain since this unit is in a building where we do not have any technical support, fingers crossed that this will not blow up in our face

You're not going to have full web access to the endpoint when it's registered to Spark.  There use to be no web access at all, but Cisco has slowly granted access for some features, such as configuring In-Room Control for example.  I don't think full control will ever come, since Spark endpoints are designed to be managed via the cloud and not directly, however as time goes on, I could see possibly more features being added to help management of the endpoints.


I feel your pain. We went thru the same thing with our Spark systems. Here's what you need to do:

1. During the initial setup, register to Spark.

2. Reset to factory defaults.

3. Now log into the system admin from your browser. - Admin with no password

4. You should now see a "Spark" category in the side menus.

5. Either on this menu, or maybe on another one (sorry - i can't remember which one, just hunt around) you'll see an option to "Add to Call". That's pretty much the only thing related to Spark that you can configure but it only shows up if the system isn't registered to Spark (weird!)

6. Now you'll need to re-register it with Spark - use the Web admin ( generate a new number.

7. From the Web admin, you'll be able to go to "Devices", select your device, and Scroll down the device details pane, and click Launch Advanced Settings. It will use your credentials from when you logged into the web admin site. Here you can set a background picture and do a few more things.

As far as your contact list - that will build up from your registered Spark users. I know it's frustrating and there's not a lot of documentation out there on how to configure it out-of-the-box.

Hope this help!


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