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SX80 Web Interface missing the Keypad on the Call Control Page

Level 1
Level 1

I need to dial attendee and password codes while connected to another MCU but the Keypad that should be on the Call Control Page is missing.  Accoring to a previous post it stated that..

It depends on the software version you're running:

  • CE8.3 and later - use keypad on the Call Control page of the web interface to send DTMF tones.

We have several SX80s on version 9.7 but still do not have the Keypad on the Call.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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Level 3
Level 3
You can input DTMF tones using the web interface under Configuration > API.

xCommand DTMFSend CallId: DTMFString:

CallId: The CallID is returned when the xCommand Dial command is run. During the call you can run the xStatus Call command to see the CallId.
DTMFString: Enter the DTMF string.
Example: xCommand DTMFSend CallId:2 DTMFString:1234

Thanks for the reply.  I realize that I can do that but I would like to restore the call pad function that should be there.  Its on some of my SX80s but not all.  All the SX80s are at the same software version so they should all have it.