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Unable to Reconnect to Meeting


Good afternoon,

For meetings scheduled in TMS, if a user disconnects from the conference early, they receive a pop-up window asking if they would like to reconnect. Once this happens, users are unable to select yes or no. The sound effect will play, but the highlighted cursor will not move. The only way to close the pop-up is to hit the end call button again. For users that may have accidentally disconnected from a call, this means they are unable to reconnect, since the window will not pop up a second time. Is this a known issue? And if so, what is the resolution?


I've tested with the following configurations and can recreate the problem consistently:

SX10 and SX20 systems

CE8.3.4 and CE9.3.0 software

TMS version 15.6.1


Any help is much appreciated.

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Does anything appear in the conference event log in TMS?
The users should be able to go into the recent call list on the endpoint and reconnect to the video conference that way, their video conference should appear top of the list.

Thank you for the reply, Patrick. There's nothing in the event, system, or call logs that indicate a problem. Using the recent calls as a work-around is ok in the short-term, but our users today panicked when they accidentally disconnected and couldn't get the endpoint to respond when prompted to reconnect. It seems like a software compatibility problem and not necessarily a network problem. I do not have this issue on our DX80. 

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