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Unity Connection 12.5 - Missed Call Notifications Stopped Working

Level 4
Level 4

2-server cluster of CUC 12.5.

Single Inbox and Missed Call Notifications were working correctly when SIB was tied to an on-prem Exchange server.
Once the customer moved from Exchange to O365, SIB kept working correctly but Missed Call Notifications ceased functioning for all users.   
1.  The users still have HTML Missed Call enabled under their notification devices

2.  The "To" field under the HTML Missed Call device is has the same email address they use for SIB
3.  The HTML template is the Default_Missed_Call template, which has not been modified from its out of the box settings.  
4.  Missed Call is checked under "Notify Me Of"

My understanding is that, if you use Single Inbox, the same functionality is used to deliver the Missed Call emails (as opposed to them being sent via SMTP), so I can't figure out why SIB is working for voice messages but not Missed Call notifications.

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