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Saqib Ali

Webex client for Microsoft Surface RT?


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I would like to 2nd that - it's a big mistake. There is an alternative out there called UConnect - the Windows RT version is called LYNC. It works very well. Cisco should consider supporting windows tablets if they want to keep this market share. Windows devices are on the comeback. I'm sending this from my Windows RT device.:-)

Cisco thinks everybody owns an Apple device. Fortunately, No!

Love my WP8 phone

and the rest of us are Google's automatons.

Would not trade my WP8 or Surface 2 for anything... well probably WP9 and Surface Pro 3.

We spend $100k a year on WebEx and now having internal discussions about dropping our contract and going with GoToMeeting. This is huge loss as all we need is a version of Office (now with Outlook) on a Surface RT And it would be perfect with WebEx.

You guys are killing me.  We switched from gotomeetings to webex because it was the thing to do, but Cisco not coming out with a RT app has had me using gotomeetings again and wondering why I still have my company paying for a webex subscription that at the end of the day isn't going to be very useful for my users using windows RT devices, which is now hitting 24. We are dumping the iPad since iPads require to much tweaking to get work done.  RT's and x86 version of windows just work in our and am sure any major business environment and we will be switching to services that will support us in making our jobs and number of devices we are carrying easier. We already use logmein for remote access and love it, and are looking at both options of gotomeetings and logmein, and gotomeetings looks like its going to get our business back.


Yes, this feature is definitely needed for Windows RT devices. I'm on the Surface 2 and it's a shame that I need to remote into my main PC every time I join a webex meeting (which is several times a day for me). This is an extremely high priority.

Thank you for your continued feedback. At this time Cisco continues to monitor market adoption of this Surface RT for consideration to our WebEx mobile roadmap. Given the market validation to date, support for this device has not been committed. We will advise if our plans change.


I have an RT and am extremely disappointed that I can't use it to connect to WebEx conference calls. 


Thank you for your frank and open honesty on the development of an RT client.  It's a great platform and now with over 10 hour of battery life, it's my daily driver. 

Tom Grundy

Sales Director

PS I assume that if I send a friend request, then I can contact Denny McKinney for his opinion on the LYNC client?  I'd just like a solution for my team.

PSS I do not speak for the company, Reynolds will certainly honor all agreements with WebEx.


Because there is still no WebEx client for WindowsRT, I was forced to use another product today.  Saqib is right -- this is taking too long.  Please give us more definitive information on when or IF to expect this.  Or should I use another service?


I am shocked that this string is 2 1/2 years old and there is still no solution.  I use webex at least 3-6 times per day.  Surely Cisco could supply a solution by now?

Surface RT is no longer being sold, so it doesn't make sense for us to create an app for it. WebEx can work in the classic/desktop mode of the Surface Pro versions.

Any plans for Windows 10?

Please help me understand how webex works with the standard desktop mode of the Surface Pro.  I have attempted every way possible and our IT department (and web forums) do not seem to provide direction.  What exactly does one do if they have a Surface Pro 3 i5 and are unable to load a webex?

Gabatac... you are correct.  WebEx works on the standard Surface Pro 3 desktop.  But it requires you to launch the app, wait for the error stating the app did not load, close out of the open webex meeting box that never loads, then Run a Temporary Application to get into the webex meeting.  It is a workaround - but it stinks.

I hope this string doesn't last two years like the RT question did.  A solution would be fantastic!

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