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Saqib Ali

Webex client for Microsoft Surface RT?


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Hi Saqib,

Thank you for your inquiry on MSFT Surface RT.

We are currently evaluating support for this, but no date has been committed at this time.


any update on this? GoToMeeting already has a version for Windows RT, I feel that cisco is missing a boat here. 2 months are enough time to think about it.

I would like to second my opinion on the need for a Windows RT Webex Client.


I third this. It's now February, both surface models are out and many Windows 8 tablets and PCs are out. The Windows Store is for both Win8 and WinRT so a nice client could work for both PCs and tablets/hybrids.

Hi all, we are continually gauging the various emerging platforms in the market and determining when the best timeframe would be to support any given platform. Win 8 RT is definitely of interest to us. Although we don't have an ETA at the moment and can't talk about a roadmap in this public forum, we would really like to understand the market traction you are seeing for Win 8 RT. How many companies are adopting Win 8 RT devices (or WP8 smartphones), in what numbers, etc.

I'm sure you'd want us to focus on the highest priority roadmap items for WebEx solutions. Does this qualify as one of the highest priority efforts in your minds? This would be very helpful for our team to understand.



Is the MAC client straightened out yet? Productivity tools for the MAC?




There is another discussion on Mac Productivity Tools. You can find the latest update here:



having a HTML5 based Webex client is the high priority for us. A html 5 based client will work many of the HTML 5 based devices that our users use.

i think requiring java on a device to run webex is not feasible these days.


Tejas, Yes, I would clasify Webex for Windows RT a high priority item. watch tv and you will notice the amount of money MS is using in Ads, that means that MS is investing a lot in these devices. in another hand, I'm an ex ipad owner and i can tell you that the Surface RT has a lot more potential to be used by businesses than the ipad. Once tools like Webex, logmein and others are released a lot of companies will gladly jump into MS boat.


I have both an iPad and a Surface RT. I only use the iPad as a reader now and the RT is my primary tablet because it supports Office (including Outlook in Windows 8.1). iPad support for office is still inferior Surface RTs support for office. We plan to deploy Cisco's unified communication instead of Lync because of our investment on Cisco in our enterprise. Therefore, Using my Surface RT, I can't attend WebEx meetings and ink up office documents, especially OneNote pages. On the iPad, I can't use these Office features. I'm stuck. I'd appreciate Cisco delivering a Window Store RT version of WebEx with desktop sharing, presence, chat, and voip. I'd appreciate Microsoft delivering Office to the iPad. If Microsoft and Cisco each do these things I will have a choice of device.

Windows RT 8.1 has been released using IE11 which fully support HTML5 and docens of APIs that were not available in the previous version.

Has anything changed at Cisco after this update regarding the Webex Client for RT?

Any updates would be great, the Surface 2 is a great tool and seeing it more and more.  The lack of anyconnect/webex comes up often.

We currently have no plans of supporting Windows RT, however we monitor closely market trends and we'll change our roadmap accordingly.


Well, that's a big mistake. MS has been in the tablet market for one full year. The release of the Surface 2 means a full second year in the market. There is already a 3 generation being designed that could means a third year. So Cisco will be losing business to other solutions such TeamViewer, Logmein and Gotomeeting. .

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