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Webex Installation

Anju Josua
Level 1
Level 1

Dear All,


currently, i buy a cuwl pro license. from there, i got part number "R-WBXMTSVR-UWL-K9".

my question is:

1. by using this part number, can i install webex on premise? do i need another license? because when i try to fulfill this pak i got only license for user.

2. how can i download the installer? i already associate contract number with my acc, but still doesn't know how to download the installer.


Please Help.




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Anju,


If you go to Product Upgrade Tool use your UCSS and ESW contract information you should be able to see all the software you are eligible to obtain. 

CWMS software is listed in the following form:

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 1.x to 2.5 file that doesn't support Audio Encryption:

  • WMS2-UPG-AU-K9=   (CWMS 1.x to 2.5 Audio Unencrypted – orion- - Physical Delivery
  • R-WMS2-UPG-AU-K9=   (CWMS 1.x to 2.5 Audio Unencrypted – orion- - E-Delivery

2. Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 1.x to 2.5 file that supports Audio Encryption:

  • WMS2-UPG-K9=        (CWMS 1.x to 2.5 Audio Encrypted – orion- file) - Physical Delivery
  • R-WMS2-UPG-K9=        (CWMS 1.x to 2.5 Audio Encrypted – orion- file) - E-Delivery


CWMS licenses should also be listed (not 100% sure of the product code, but you will be able to see it. for licenses, you will enter the amount of host licenses you've purchased with your CUWL PRO, and for the installation media, you can order only 1 of each. 

Also, for brand new deployments, you may need to fulfill A2Q form. Please, check this post for more information:

I hope this will help.


Hi Dejan,


Thanks for your response. 

i have another question, when i read this link, there said that we can choose to deploy webex on cloud for 1 year or on premise forever. Is it true?

then if i want to deploy it on cloud, then i should register it in this link , right?



Anju Josua

Unfortunately, Anju, I have no experience with orders for WebEx SaaS. I would advise you work with your Cisco Account Team to connect you to Cisco WebEx Customer Success Manager to provide you with more information.